Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Bath time fun!

Well, fun for the kids that is! I give Robert and Noah a bath together, and they LOVE it! They try to catch the water in the cup, send water and toys over the edge (just to watch mom freak out), and walk around the bath tub (once more, just to freak out mom.) Although, they are definitely my kids, they don't like the water pouring on them when it's time to wash their hair. Some day I will be rushing to the hospital because they try to get away from me and knock themselves out on the faucet.

Matthew rolled all the way from the livingroom into the bathroom to watch the fun!

Matthew is not a great sitter in the bath tub, so he gets his bath lying down with just a few inches of water. He has his own fun just swinging his legs and arms around.

Leigha always wants to get in the bath with Robert and Noah, but it was just too much the first time we tried it.

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