Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I am famous for my clutter. It's everywhere! I am one of those people who can't get rid of things that are perfectly usable, even if I forgot I had it for years. For those of you who knew me before the boys, I was HUGE into couponing and freebies. I have over 400 Intuition and Quattro razors, 50+ deoderants, thousands of bandaids, shampoo and baby wash to last from Leigha's baby years until she is in highschool, etc. I got that stuff for free or almost free. Free now is better than pay for it later. However, with the addition of the boys, diapers, wipes, bottles, etc. my house is just plain out of control. I joke about needing Clean Sweep to come in and organize me, but I am not willing to throw away or sell this stuff I can use eventually. I have had a few people volunteer to help me, but that will never work. First of all, they would want me to trash stuff and I know it. Second, if I have a friend come over to help me organize, I would have to hire a cleaning lady first. If I am going to hire a cleaning lady, then I would have to clean before the cleaning lady came out of fear for total embarassment upon seeing my house. It's a vicious cycle I have found myself in.

This is my first track break where I am not out of town or bogged down with things to do. My main goal, other than making sure I never have kids again, is to get my house organized. I started my first day of track break. I actually got rid of things that I don't really need in my kitchen. This is proof, to people like Crista, that I actually got stuff done last night. I didn't get to bed until 3:30 a.m. because of this!

This is my medicine cabinet that had overflowed into another one aslo. I decided it was time to get rid of some old medications. Thankfully, the boys aren't on all of the meds they came home on. It saved me some space! I never thought I would have a medicine cabinet like this, I almost NEVER medicate myself. Now, hand it over!

This cabinet was jammed pack with Leigha's old sippy cups, cups, tons of misc. lids with straws, etc. It used to contain 24 bottles, but we have dwindled down since Matthew is now the only one who takes a bottle.

Tupperware is a problem for me. I can never seem to match the lid with the correct container. Last night I pulled everything out of my multiple cabinets of clutter to match containers. I had bought a Smart and Spin to allow myself not to have to search. Everything always looks great on TV. I think I bought it right after I had purchased the screw-on ziplock containers. Whoops! Wouldn't you know it, neither has the containers where I can eat a meal out of if it require cutting. I also can't bear to get rid of my LARGE ziploc containers either. At least I cut down though. A bunch went in my growing Goodwill bag, and another bunch I am giving a friend of mine. The worst part about this was realizing that I would have to wash the 48 pieces from that set and then the 24 from another set. Sigh.

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