Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Shriner's Hospital in LA

I think Matthew could learn to love being an only child! Last Wednesday, November 8, Matthew and I took off for LA. Matthew had an appointment at the Arthrogyposis Clinic at Shriner's Hospital. They hold mini clinics here in Vegas a few times a year. On September 30, Matthew attended one and for the first time we were told that they didn't think he had arthrogyposis. For awhile now, everyone tells me to just continue physical therapy and come back to see them when he is two! That scared the heck out of me. We were really screwed when it came to a helmet. His orthopedic doctor never mentioned one. By the time we did get it, it was too late to help. I just wanted to make sure that we were being proactive with his limbs.

Matthew is my miracle baby. His water broke at 12 weeks and we were told not to expect to see his heartbeat two days later. Well, we did. Every week they told us that they didn't think he would make it. He did. Not only was there a heart beat, but he was growing. Then they told us if he made it to birth, he probably wouldn't survive. He did. Then, upon discharge from the NICU, a doctor told us that they never thought he would make it the day he was born. Now look at him! He just keeps proving to people that he is a fighter!

At Shriner's, we saw a team, not just a doctor. The orthopedic was quick to say that he didn't have arthrogyposis. After seeing all of the other kids there, I could have told you that! He has his knee contractures, but they seem to be getting better and better. Hopefully they will work themselves out sooner or later. They said they wouldn't want to limit his mobility by bracing him now. This was the same thing our orthopedic said here. It's great that they agreed. They did tell me that he might end up with braces for his ankles when he walks, since his ankles like to flop a bit. Not a surprise. The hand surgeon came in and left pretty fast. There is nothing wrong there! The elbow was a bit disappointing. Matthew's right elbow is webbed. It opens to about 120-130 degrees. They did xrays and determined that his bones were perfectly fine, but if they cut the skin they would be cutting tons of nerves. Since he has use of his arm, they decided that it will remain this way forever. The physical therapist feels that the torticollis will work itself out as he starts to stand and walk more. I swear his helmet helped with this issue, and now that it's gone, it has gotten worse again!

So it's back to physical therapy and just a lot of stretching. They told me to keep him off of his back as much as possible. He has learned to roll so well, that he will cop out and take the easy way. They want us to focus on getting him into and out of a seated position.

Matthew had tons of fun playing there too! He discovered himself and was not excited to leave when they called his name.

The hospital rooms were all animal themed. Matthew got to be in the lion's den!

After his appointments were over, we headed back to Vegas. Matthew didn't cry once, on the way there or back! He LOVES his Baby Signing Times and Signing Times. We stopped and had a sit down meal, which is FUN with one baby. I wasn't constantly moving and taking care of three! We also stopped at Costco to pick up Daddy's birthday gift. Instead of the wagon or triplet stroller, he got to ride IN THE CART! That excited the heck out of him! As I said, he LOVED his time as an only child!


The Grubbs said...

He looks SO happy in all the pictures! I think he enjoyed all his mommy time.

Cathy said...


Laraine said...

Cathy - he sure is a miracle baby. I never knew that his water broke at 12 weeks. What an amazing story. It sounds like you got a lot of positive news at your appointment and had some great quality time with your special little boy!.

Michele said...

When your water broke at 12 weeks, did you have any hard contractions, bleeding, etc? My sister-n-law is about 16 weeks pregnant. She has been bleeding for the past month off and on, sometimes pretty heavy. When she went to the emergency room for the bleeding and pain they told her it was normal for some people during the first trimester. Anyways, last night her water broke, and she's been having hard contractions all day. They told her they couldn't give her any medicine to stop her from contracting, because she was not 20 weeks pregnant, but they gave her morphine for the pain. The baby still had a heart beat this morning, but I'm not sure if they heard one the last ultra sound. I think they are giving up hope. I was just wondering, what all was involved when your water broke? Did they give you anything to stop you from going into labor?

Cathy said...

I did not have any bleeding. Due to the earliness of the breaking, it wasn't massive gushing. I never had contractions or anything, he just barely had anything left in his sac. They just looked for his heartbeat each week.

Good luck to your SIL!