Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Bobbie are nicer than Mommy and Daddy!

This won't shock most of you, but I hate for the kids to get dirty. I have definitely softened up on this issue since having the boys, as noted by my friends as they saw me "slopping" food on their trays and letting them go at it! I took the boys out back, one at a time, and let them try the slide. They were pretty hesitant, and not that thrilled. That's the only time I have had them out back. I did take them to the neighbor's driveway one day while Leigha played. That was my first experience of needing to run in several directions at one time. Maybe I should do that more often, I might lose weight!

Thankfully, Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry are more fun and adventurous than we are (but they get to LEAVE.) They took the kids in the backyard while I ran some errands. Enjoy!

Thanks for the climber Amy!

Noah wasn't thrilled with the grass, but neither am I!

I am not sure Robert knew what to think of it either.


I am glad they had fun!

Leigha even got to play dress-up for them!

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