Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Noe has wanted a dog for YEARS!

When we first arrived in Vegas, I got an apartment and got everything set up. Noe was only in town for a few months before he left for Japan. During this time we stopped by the animal shelter. We were both looking at the same set of cats, but Noe liked one and I liked another. Our initial intention was to just get one cat. We walked out with Smokey and Rocky.

Smokey and Rocky are wonderful cats. Smokey is more of the people person. This poor cat gets CLOBBERED by the boys and sometimes tormented by Leigha. However, Noe can not stand the smell of the cats. I swear his nose is like a huge radar detector. He smells things that I don't think normal humans can smell. He keeps repeating how he is not going to have anymore cats, ever again.

When we moved into our first house, he repeatedly said he wanted a dog. I was able to hold him off, since our house was so small. I have no desire to have a dog. I hate that you can't leave extra water and food out and take off for a few days. I hate how you have to worry about being home to let them outside. I don't care for the smell of most dogs. I hate the big wet tongues that they love to lick with you. I had a Collie, Lancer, growing up. I don't mind dogs, just don't want to have to take care of one. I kept telling Noe he had to wait until the next house.

Dangit, we moved into the "next" house. Two weeks after moving, I found out I was pregnant with triplets. That became the next excuse. I told him I thought we had enough to deal with, he agreed.

Recently, I have secretly wished for a dog. I don't want to own one, I just want to borrow one for about 5 minutes after each meal.

If this was your kitchen floor, after a meal, wouldn't you want to borrow a dog? This picture was taken back in July. The boys were still kind of new to the whole table food thing. Picture what my floor looks like these days. These kids are older and more cruel to their mother. As soon as I thought I had stopped one from throwing, then next one starts. This, in turn, gets the first one going again. Then, just as I think I have both of them stopped, the third one throws something. This causes the other two to go in hysterics and then proceed to throw their food and cups. I have the "Hear all evil, see all evil, and do all evil" boys. They just feed off of each other (literally.) Well, tonight Noe's wait ended. He will be so thrilled to hear the good news. I don't have just one dog for him, I have two!! The dogs are pretty cute and lovable, if I do say so myself. They aren't potty trained yet, but love to snuggle up with you. Best of all, they clean up the floor when dinner is over!

It seems that I will have to be better about cleaning up the floor BEFORE letting those two out of their seats, now that they have full access to my kitchen (oh, that will be an entire post in itself!) The first time was a horror show for me. I took Noah down and washed his hands. When I turned around, I saw that Robert had turned on his windhsield wipers and cleared his tray. I went to take Robert to the sink to wash his hands. I turned around in time to see Noah picking up all the food that Robert had sent flying. He ate it all!! Tonight was a bit different. The forks had been flung at some point during the meal. Robert went over, found the fork, and tried to pick up the little scraps with it (the camera was on the wrong setting) and then Noah (Noe dressed him) just sat down to have some left over pears. I swear, I do feed these kids (like that's not evident!)

So, we are no longer in need of a dog. My kids will do just fine! Now if I could only teach them how to clean up their toys after themselves.


The Grubbs said...

My favorite part is the see, hear and do all EVIL. They are such little mimicks! THAT was hilarious!

Michele S said...

I LOVE you new format and your title is AWESOME!!! How'd you do it?????

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

We have the same exact booster chairs, and the same exact mess after every meal. A few months ago, I posted about just saving myself a few steps and feeding the kids directly off the floor. I mean, they seem to enjoy it just as much - if not more - than they do when they sit in their chairs. Why not?! (Of course I wouldn't do it when we had people visiting. I wouldn't want them to think we are slobs...)

A dog certainly does help. But, the WORK involved in taking care of a dog ... oy. Especially when you've got three toddlers running around picking up partially dried poop from the back yard (THAT YOUR DH MISSED DURING CLEANUP!)

It would be nice if you could just borrow the dog. I really like that idea.