Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I see Robert's future, and it isn't good!

Several weeks ago, my van was broken into and some money and a bunch of gift cards were stolen. Last night I went to get my little wallet that has a ton of cards, from memberships to a few stray credit cards. There have to be about 30-50 in there. I have a new purse and I have been keeping it very neat! However, it was GONE! I started frantically searching my office, which is no easy task at most times. I searched EVERYWHERE! I ran to my van to see if it had fallen out on the floor, but no luck. I searched this entire house and I was freaking out the entire time. I finally have up searching 2 hours later (at least I got some cleaning done!)

I fell asleep watching a movie on the couch. Noe comes home hours later and says, "I see you found your wallet." OK, I am half asleep, but I know dang well I didn't find it! He started laughing, he said that he had found it right under the kids' rocking chair in front of me. He just assumed I had found it. I start thinking, and then I have the look of death aimed right at Robert. See, hours ago, I had found Robert with my Good N' Plenty's. I chased him down and got them back. I then threw my purse into my office, about 2 feet from the gate. Later I found that my purse was halfway pulled through the gate. I laughed at Robert's (it had to be him) attempt to get my purse out of there. I have no idea how he managed to get it to the gate. When I remembered that purse being stuck in the gate, I realized that is when he must have taken off with my wallet!

Needless to say, it's a good thing he was sleeping already. I wanted to throttle him! Too bad he looked so cute this morning when I went to rescue them from their cribs!


The Grubbs said...

That is funny! Little stinker!

Michele S said...

The only thing that actually stuck with me from this whole post is that I had no idea people ate Good N Plenty's if they weren't at the movies. WOW!

Anonymous said...

Okay -- I made it to your blog to see the boys' birthday information. I am not sure if it will let me post since I do not have a username.

I am just trying to comply by leaving a comment!

Peggy (aka pygmyhippo)

And, it says it's 3:28 p.m. No, it's 6:28 p.m. here in the Midwest! :)