Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Crazy Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend, even though Noe wasn't here to share it with us (his aunt passed away). On Friday morning we met the Laura and her kids for a little bit of grocery shopping (our version of socialization). After naps, I gave Laura a call to invite them over for the evening. Unfortunately, she already had a meat loaf cooking so they wouldn't be able to come. However, she then invited us over to their house for dinner and play. That was a great idea! As soon as Matthew was finished with his speech therapy, we took off for their house.

My kids have tasted freedom, and I don't think there is any turning back now. They have their back door open so that their kids can come and go. Their backyard is full of fun and exciting toys. Even Leigha was having a blast! She was taking the kids for rides in a big red car.

Dinner was fun! For some reason, and I will blame it on the braincells these kids have killed, I didn't bring our booster seats for dinner. Thankfully, they have extra restaurant seats so we were saved! It was quite the sight to see 10 people sitting around one table, enjoying dinner.

After dinner, we stuck Don with the dishes and we headed back outside! It was gorgeous outside, not too hot and not too cold! The kids were everywhere, on the slides, in the cars, or just kicking the ball around!

We had so much fun, so we decided to invite the Grubbs to our house on Saturday! Don immediately had my kids laughing hysterically. He would put a toy on his head and then fake sneeze.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough chairs for a dinner party of 10! Once again, dinner went smoothly! All of the kids behaved, except for one! Don refused to set a good example and taste the Tapioca pudding! What is he teaching our kids? We tried and tried to get him to try it, but he refused. Oh well, he doesn't know what he's missing!

After the Grubbs left, it was time to get busy! Leigha had a bath and then she was ready to make her Easter eggs! We were pushing that, just a bit. We had a few eggs crack in the pot, so we ended up just making 7 eggs. Leigha had a great time coloring and decoration the eggs with stickers. We also learned that you are supposed to write your names on the eggs BEFORE dying them, or the magic crayon won't work. That's what happens when the directions are located where the holes are made to hold the wet eggs!

Leigha woke up ready to find out what the Easter Bunny brought them!

She didn't even give herself time to really wake up, she wanted to hunt for the Easter eggs. I think the Easter Bunny tried to make the hiding spots a bit more difficult for her, this year, because last year she seemed to have no problems finding the eggs. Unfortunately, it might have been a bit too hard. Mom had to give in and help her find some of them (see post below for our "issue" finding the last egg).

Later in the morning, Aunt Bobbie, Uncle Jerry, and Jackie came over for more Easter fun! Once again, they got to play outside! They brought the kids a new bubble machine. Between the bubbles, freedome, and Easter egg hunt, they were having a blast!

Noe even made it home in time to snuggle with the kids!

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