Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Tonight was bath night, so I decided to let the boys experience some freedom. I closed the cats in Leigha's room and opened up the back sliding door. The boys loved being able to play outside. They even outlasted Leigha! They immediately found the sidewalk chalk. Now I just have to reinforce the idea that it doesn't belong in their mouths or on my kitchen floor. Baby steps!

I opened up the bubble mower that the Grubbs gave them for their birthday. They loved it! They haven't mastered the bubble making part yet, but they are getting a bit better. You have to make sure all 4 wheels are making contact in order for the bubbles to come out.

I also taught Robert how to climb up the vertical ladder. It's not the easiest ladder I have seen on equipment. He enjoyed the slide, but he lands on his butt every time. There is no slowing down on the big slide. Noah didn't care for it at all. He wasn't thrilled with me trying to teach him how to get up or come down the slide. That put him in tears. I don't get it, he will climb my dining room table but not a piece of equipment he should be climbing?!

Matthew spent half of the time throwing rocks into an old potty seat (inside gone so just like a basket.) That kept him quite busy and content. He also scooted around picking up anything he could get his hands on, and subsequently throwing it!

Did they get dirty? Yes!
Did they have fun? Yes!
Was it worth it? YES!

My aunt suggested that we clean it off and bring it inside for them to climb on. I don't think it will fit though. Eventually, my whole downstairs will be in my bedroom. So far we have moved up 6 dining room chairs, kitchen table that has fold down flaps (mini version of our dining room table), and our doll case. Now we will be moving the dining room table up there. The boys are going to be sorry because it was a great place for them to hide.

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Michele S said...

We love you Mommy for letting us out of prison and letting us get dirty outside. Your the best Mommy!!!!!!

Your kiddos