Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, July 16, 2007


I bet I did something tonight that no one else did! I made rocks! Science is definitely not one of my stronger subjects. I have to really work at it to make it interesting for the kids. Last fall, we worked with Crayfish. The kids loved holding them and observing them. It was completely hands on! The beetles weren't as big of a hit (especially for me) but they still enjoyed them.

As we are nearing the end of our school year (three weeks, four days, three hours, and ten minutes)we are beginning our rocks and minerals unit. Normally the kids get to observe different types of rocks and minerals. This year we are doing it differently. I had to make "mock rocks." Inside the rocks, I buried clam shells. The students will review the properties of the mock rocks that they observed.

Then the real fun will begin! What is a geologist without their tools? Students will use a pick (nail) to break open the rock and observe the different parts. They will need to determine what parts are minerals and what parts are rocks. Should be fun!

After we have completed this unit, we tie it into economics. Right around the last week of school we go mining! Although, our mining is in the classroom. We mine for chocolate chips! The kids have a set amount of money to start with. They have to purchase their cookies to mine. The more expensive ones have more chocolate chips. They also need to determine what kind of tools they need, the better ones tend to be more expensive. The kids trace a circle around their cookie before we begin. They must have all of their crumbs back in the circle or they will pay a restoration fee. In the end, they are paid for each chocolate chip they extract. The kids have a blast with this! It's fun watching how their minds work. I have had students decide they made poor choices and wanted to buy new equipment in the middle. How perfect is that!

In the end, they have to find out who made the biggest profit and who dug themselves into debt. They tend to learn that if you try to take the cheapest route, you lose in the end. The students also learn that they must clean up after their messes, or they lose more money. It's all about having fun and learning at the same time!

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crista said...

Eva wants to come do this with your class. That is so neat :)