Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Matthew Has Something to Share!

Well, he has had something to share all week. I took back my camcorder and purchased a new one that has a hard drive only. It takes beautiful pictures, but I am running into so many problems trying to get them loaded here.

I am now stuck at a stand still. I can't seem to splice together two clips to make a movie. I couldn't get Windows Movie Maker to accept my files at first. Now it accepts them, but the movies were upside down, grainy, and for some odd reason I have no sound.

Before I take this computer and throw it out the window, I decided to at least post this version of the movie, until I can figure this all out! All I have to say is, WAY TO GO MATTHEW!


laraine said...


That is so awesome!!. I had tears in my eyes watching that. I can only imagine how proud and excided you are to see all these new things he is doing. Matthew sure has proved those doctors wrong.


Crista said...

I told you he was going to be hard to keep down. He is your rock star, you know that right?
applause from the Tylers!!!

Karen said...

How awesome! Way to go, Matthew! Cathy, it looks like you've got a climber on your hands. Remember to look up the next time you wonder where he's gotten off to. And you thought you were busy keeping up with him before! ;) Cheers and applause!!!!


The Grubbs said...

That is AWESOME! He is such a strong little guy. Go Matthew!