Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Grade!

Leigha is officially in school full time! On Monday she started first grade. She only had 2 weeks off between Kindergarten and First Grade, but she was anxious to start. Hopefully she keeps up that great attitude. Leigha goes to the same school I teach at. I am hoping that Leigha will love to read by the end of first grade. One of the reasons I chose the teacher I did is because of her love for books. Leigha NEEDS that! I thought about putting her in a technology class (computers for each child) but decided that she needed more work with reading and writing. The fact that she is next to me helped that decision. I remind her of that constantly!

Leigha loves that she gets to go to a Special (PE, Art, Music, Library, and Humanities) every day. In Kindergarten they got to go to one a week for 25 minutes. Now she goes for 50 minutes every day! That's a big change. I finally have my lunches back and will have more time in my room in the morning, now that I don't have to drive her home during my lunch period.

It was hard trying to get her excited for the beginning of school when I was not ready for it. I had so much to do, I almost forgot that I have a duty as mom! Here is my FIRST GRADER on her first day of school!

Noe woke up just in time to see her off.

Cathy and Leigha

She's set to go!

Leigha and Mrs. Friedmann

She's on her line and ready to start the day!


Jody said...

Gemma chose that backpack this year, too!

I can't believe it -- first grade....

Kei said...

That's cool that you two are at the same school. Cathy, I just love Leigha's smile! Totally brings one to my face when I look at her.