Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, August 03, 2007

The Hard Worker

Yesterday I stayed home with the boys so that Noe could go to an interview. I have always known that getting a substitute was a pain, but yesterday just confirmed it 100%! I will never be at a point in my teaching career that I can leave my classroom, have something happen, and have a good feeling that a sub could walk in and take over for me. That is just not going to happen! I would rather go to work, sicker than a dog, than have a substitute.

I went in at 6 a.m. to write "sub lessons" and get my room in order for them. I always have to leave more stuff than they can get done in a day, just in case. At 8 a.m. I had to return home to get Leigha. I had a sub, but she still had to go to school. I can't go ruining her perfect attendance this year when we only have another week to go! I brought her to school, grabbed some stuff to work on from home, and then I was back home around 9 a.m. Three hours in already.

I also messed up their nap time, which I deeply regretted last night when I was wanting to strangle the boys. They are normally in their rooms for 3.5 to 4 hours. There are three in the room, three boys that is. They don't always fall asleep right away. Yesterday I had to get them out of bed after 2 hours. I am sure they had only been asleep a little over an hour or so. I should have known by the look on Robert's face that I was going to be in trouble later that night.

We piled into the van for a beautiful drive on a sunny and gorgeous afternoon. Fast forward TWO MINUTES- the sky turned DARK GREY! It was pouring and I sat in my car wondering how I was going to successfully get the boys out of the car and into the school. I wasn't only picking Leigha up, I had to get work from my classroom. Report cards are due today and I can't work on them from home. I needed to get as much grading done at home as possible (not that I accomplished that).

I came to the realization that we need to find a back-up babysitter. We need someone who can drive to our house and can work days. That leaves out highschool students. I have been asking around for the last few weeks, but everyone is either too young or doesn't own a car. My aunt and uncle have been saving us for over two years! We have been quite spoiled. Now that the boys don't have the immediate medical concerns, we need to branch out and FAST!

Even though I felt like I put in a days worth of work at school, I had the chance to take the boys outside. Yes, I said it- OUTSIDE! I put on their shoes and opened the back door. The smiles were instant! I learned something about my kids at that very moment. Robert is going to be my hard worker. While Noah and Matthew scooted around on scooters and in cars, Robert picked up the rake and lawnmower. He even had them going at once. He was sweating! Noah and Matthew will be my book worms and Robert will be my work force.

Robert worked the entire time he was outside!

Noah sat around or rode in the truck. Yes, that is a pink sippy cup, BUT- it's a straw cup! Noah finally figured out hpw to drink out of a straw earlier this week. Now I have to make sure that he isn't stealing Matthew's drinks.

Matthew loved throwing rocks. Why not, he throws everything else in the house?! He was battling Noah for the black truck. He finally won!

Robert was still working hard.

Matthew and Noah were playing.

It's nice to look back at their pictures and remember how cute they were when they were playing outside because they were absolute DEMONS last night!


Laura said...

I absolutely hate to mess with naps. Those days for me are miserable!

On the other side, your boys are adorable and growing up so fast. It is amazing that they no longer look like babies. They look like they are having a blast!

Liz said...

I found my college age sitter on craigslist and another one thru a college employment list. Check out your local college and see if anyone is interested. Craigslist too!