Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, September 29, 2007


I have moved a few times in my life, but they were never traumatic moves. The first major move I remember was moving from Michigan to Illinois. I am sure my parents would tell me I whined or cried a lot when they told me to say goodbye to my friends. However, I don't remember it. I have never had a good memory from years ago, except ask me birthdays and phone numbers and I can usually rattle those off.

I remember driving to Wilmette, IL. I distinctly remember my father and brother sleeping in a hotel that night, while my Mom and I slept at a house with no furniture because of the pets. I lived in that house from 3rd grade through high school.

Some people have to make a choice to go to college or not to. That wasn't ever a thought in my house. It was more like WHAT college will you go to. I never gave college a second thought. I was excited to go to college, move away, etc. I was an "adult" and I say that as I am laughing.

After college and grad school I took off to skate with Nutcracker on Ice. It was a city-a-day tour around the US and Canada. I didn't get skating out of my system, it wasn't what I really meant to do when I left to go skate. So who could possibly pass up the phone call offer to go to Southeast Asia and Australia? Seriously, could you? So off I was again for an 8 month tour. In between tours, I always came back to Wilmette and would waitress until the next tour left.

However, if my memory serves me correctly, when I came home from my 1st European tour I only found my car and directions to the new house in North Carolina. My parents had moved. No, don't worry, I knew that it was happening. It was just funny to come back to nothing.

When I was injured, during my 2nd European tour, I was flown back to NC. It didn't look like I would be getting back on the road, as my knees were not healing very fast. Noe was still touring, but in the states. I asked him if he would get off the road. He said that would be contingent on us moving to Las Vegas.

Years ago, I distinctly remember saying these exact words, "Why the hell would anyone ever want to live in Las Vegas." My aunt and uncle had moved out there when I was younger. It was not a place I would want to LIVE. Leaving NC wasn't difficult because it was not "my home." It was my parent's home that I was visiting.

Just like having triplets, I ate my words and moved to Las Vegas! The move didn't phase me at all. My aunt and uncle lived there, as well as my two best friends from Chicago. It was easy, I knew people there.

Lately, Noe has been wanting to leave his job. It's a very physical job and his body just can't take it anymore. Daily diving for hours (scuba diving in the Cirque de Soliel show "O") has given him many ear infections, as well as hurt body parts. He's miserable.

He was even more miserable when he had to turn down a job offer in Japan and China where he would be making over $100k a year. I would NOT go. I know a lot of people would move anywhere in the world and think that is wonderful. I am not one of them. Moving our family right now is NOT what I was in the mood to do, especially to another country.

Recently he made the mistake of telling me about a potential job. It's out of state, but not out of country. I actually wasn't mad. Instead I started googling houses in that area. I was actually getting excited about it and I am happy with the idea of his getting that job. I am enjoying looking at what type of house we could get out there, if we were to move.

It's because I am okay with this idea that he won't get the job. If I was defiant, as usual, he would get the job offer. If I am ready to go, we aren't going anywhere. I think that's how it works.

What changed my mind? Why am I ready to go? Hmmmm, let me start with the past two weeks. It seems we have new neighbors behind us. In Vegas, you don't need a phone to reach out and touch someone. You just physically stand at your door and you can. We have really tried to figure out WHEN these people work. We haven't quite figured out WHO actually lives in that house. They DRINK all day and all night. I am not exaggerating. The first time I noticed them was when I let the kids out in the backyard (yes, I do allow them to play). I heard them talking, swearing, etc. I mentioned it to Noe and he told me they had been out there all day.

Noe gets home around 1 a.m. They were STILL out there in the backyard. They aren't listening to loud music, they are just LOUD themselves. They were still there around 4 a.m. I wonder why I didn't sleep that well?! This continues DAILY. They HAVE to be doing something other than smoking cigarettes. There is no way that they can go that long without help. I have woken up at 5:30 a.m. and have seen one guy with his head in his hand and smoking a cigarette. I miss that dog I used to complain about!

Last night they must have been working (SHOCKER) or they were somewhere else. However, I still heard the most annoying wind chimes ever. I seriously think those things should be outlawed when you live in a close proximity to your neighbors. If you are out in the country and your neighbors are so far away that you would have to drive to go next door, then by all means hang one of those annoying things outside your house. NOT HERE!

The other nice thing about this potential (he hasn't interviewed or anything) job is that there is a possibility I wouldn't have to work for the next two years, until the boys are in Kindergarten. That would be wonderful, as we really don't want to put them in daycare or have someone else come to the house. Having a nanny would pretty much take away all of the money that I make. So I would be working just to pay someone else to take care of my kids.

Finally, my aunt and uncle will be spending a lot of time in Arizona now. I have been very guilty of hogging their attention for the past few years. My cousin, Ashley, is having her first baby next month! Clint and Ashley are going to be terrific parents. What grandparent wouldn't want to be down there as much as possible?! It's their first grandchild. They have been like grandparents to my children, but it's just not the same. I am excited for them. They are not giving up their house here, so it's not a permanent move (YET).

This move is not something that is happening anytime soon, but it's still fun to look. Anything is still better than ASIA?! I would NEVER get to see my friends and family. If something more comes of this "potential" job, I will write more about it. Right now I will just think about it as I listen to the obnoxious neighbors and the wind chimes, and forgetting how much stuff I have to do for school before Monday.

I am now awake, I think, so I guess I will end this with a few cute pictures from the other day.


I don't think I will ever get them all to look at me, with smiles on their faces, at the same time. I gave up that hope a long time ago.

They KNEW exactly what I wanted, they just weren't going to let me have it!

Now that Robert is gone and Matthew has turned away, Noah decides he will start smiling.


Tamara said...

Cathy! those pictures are adorable..they look sooo handsome in those shirts!

Well, I hope it does work out for you, seriously. It would be so nice for you to be able to stay home with the boys and for Noe to find something else. Good luck!! ;o)


Michele S said...

I say go for it! I have no idea how you could stand those neighbors. I would have called the cops or the DEA by now and reported suspicious activity. I think if you could move somewhere and take 2 years off until the kids go to school that's a major win-win situation. Plus, Noe needs to have a break on his body too. That's too much for him. I hope this works out for you guys.