Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Watch Your Toes!!

Matthew received a loaner walker from the physical therapist at Nevada Early Intervention. Grace is wonderful! She comes out about once a month, since we already have private physical therapy twice a week. She told us that our walker is still about a week and a half out, so she brought over a walker for Matthew to use in the mean time.

Matthew did a great job with it the first night!

There were times when he would take off a bit too fast and then kneel down. As soon as we told him to stand up, he would. There were other times where his brothers wanted to help him out, by pushing his walker from behind, so he went down a few of those times, too!

The wheels are swiveled, so he can manuever around the furniture with more ease. We did learn that we will have to take out some of toys and move some of the furniture around.

I am sure you will soon hear me complain about not being able to keep up with him!

The other day, I walked out of my office to check on the kids. I found my artist at work. Noah had climbed in the toys chest and I assume that his big sister handed him his Magna Doodle and a blanket. Doesn't he look quite content?

This is not one of his better art samples, but he definitely takes after his father, NOT HIS MOTHER!

A happy two-year old makes a HAPPY mother!

We have been thinking about what gifts to give the boys for Christmas and their birthdays. I think it's quite obvious that they don't NEED anymore toys. However, with a big sister, it has to happen. I bought three more educational ones from Leap Frog, we had a few toys in the closet, and I am getting them the cutest couch, 2 chairs, and a reading table from Scholastic (well, Santa is doing that).

Noe and I decided that we would do tricycles for their birthday presents. When you have to buy three of something, the amount of money is a bit scary. I didn't know how scary it REALLY was until I was shown what tryke Matthew needs.

It looks neat, but I am a bit unsure of how Matthew will do with the handle bars. With his right arm not able to be extended fully, I can't figure out how he could use his arms to rotate the handle bars. It's not like I can run him down to a store and try one out, either! After an hour or so of research online, the cheapest place I could fine this tryke is $279 without tax and shipping! OUCH! I guess I should be happy I don't have to buy 3 of them! Robert's and Noah's trykes don't scare me anymore, chump change!


Ashley said...

I have that same walker, except mine has a seat on it.

Give Matthew a hug for me!



Kei said...

Except for the handle- pedals, the rest of it looks just like William's Kettrike! http://www.kidsurplus.com/search.asp?skw=kettrike

Way to go in the walker... maybe someday he & Lucy can race.
I see Signing Time on the tv!!!

Tara said...

Cathy I have to say once again that your boys are so freakin' adorable. You have adapted well to the messiness of 3 boys. LOL You are truly an inspiration! Love you girl!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Matthew!!!


Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

A little girl who goes to therapy the same time has Aspen has the Kettler one. My OT was raving about this triycle.

I got your post- I will give you a call tomorrow.

Joselle@WilliamsTriplets said...

wait a minute...is your PT Grace an older woman with gray hair???

loren said...

Forget the trykes! I say, buy a bunch of laundry baskets - that seems to be working so far :)