Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Halloween was a lot of work this year, but a lot of fun! I haven't been at school for Halloween in about 3 years. Track 3 always returns right after Halloween. Now that we are on a traditional nine-month schedule, everything is different. We had an extra 150 students there and extra teachers.

Our Student Council did an awesome job with the Pumpkin and Boo Gram sale. We raised over $650. It was definitely a lot of work (don't want to see a Boo Gram for a long time), but it was worth it!

This was the first year that our students were allowed to come to school dressed up. Normally they have changed into their costumes in the afternoon, right before the parade. We have a new principal and she has different ways of doing things. The kids were excited! Everyone seemed to be in the spirit of Halloween.

Before school started, we took pictures of the staff that had dressed up (some changed into costumes later).

Our office did a wonderful job of showing their Halloween spirit! Just follow the yellow brick road.

This year there are 8 third grade teachers! That's a first at our school. We recruited a second grade teacher to make our costumes complete.

As the children did their circle around our fields, I took the opportunity to find Leigha and her teacher.

At the end of the day I tried to catch Leigha and Mrs. Friedmann before we had to race home. I wish I had thought to bend down so Leigha wasn't looking up at me!

I had a few minutes to relax when I got home, but it didn't last for long! After an early dinner, it was time to get the kids ready for trick-or-treating. The boys loved wearing their costumes! They were asking to get them on. No one fought me when I put their hoods on.

Noah was the only one that seem to think this was funny. The others were more interested in watching the TV.

Then I lost all of their attention. I guess Rachel, from Signing Time, is more interesting than I am.

Once we were all ready, it was time to go out.

Unfortunately, the pictures I tried to get of Leigha at a house didn't work out. When we got home, the boys started "monkeying" around! Leigha took off with her stash to see what she got!


Matthew had the hardest time trying to walk with his walker, but he didn't give up!

Robert was kind of bummed that we came home.

He didn't want to take his costume off.

Noah wasn't in a hurry either. I think they were exhausted though. Look at those blank looks!


Everyone went to bed late, but happy!


Anonymous said...

Just love your little monkeys - so what were they for Halloween?


Tamara said...

oh these are great pics! what a fun school!! love the boys costumes...hmmm...see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?? lol..;o) You should get a pose like that.....hehe

Laura said...

Too cute! Looks like you all had a fun and fabulous time with Halloween!! (We aren't allowed to dress up at all here - how sad). I bet the kids had a blast!! They boys are looking great, and my oh my how Leigha is growing!!