Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry

I think my kids are learning young that if they want to have fun and get messy, they need to get rid of their mother! Anyone that knows me, knows I can't stand icky messes. My house is a disaster, but I draw the line with messy food and messy projects!

When my Aunt and Uncle came over, they brought celery sticks and peanut butter with them. Yuck! Now, I do give my kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I am not THAT mean. I would never have thought to put a hunk of peanut butter, in a bowl, in front of them and let them go wild.

Needless to say, they loved it! I was particularly worried about Matthew. He still has eating issues. I never would have imagined that he would like something so sticky (and icky) like peanut butter. He proved me wrong!

I couldn't believe they didn't even have bibs on!? You know if I were the responsible party for cleaning them up, they would have been wearing peanut butter from head to toe. How do they luck out that it's only on their faces?

If peanut butter wasn't enough, next came the Play Doh! Ashley, Jay, Lee, Mom, Dad, and Aunt Bobbie, did you ever expect to see Uncle Jerry playing with Play Doh? Noe is the only one that attempts arts and crafts with the boys. I will stick to helping them learn sign language.

This picture will be used to my advantage in a few years. When my kids complain about doing dishes, I will show them this picture and remind them how much they LOVED doing the dishes with Aunt Bobbie.

When people are looking for great gifts for kids, I will always recommend Magna Doodles. My kids LOVE them! We have 4 of the larger ones and 4 of the travel sized ones. This is one of the few toys that I will get one for each child. They love to draw! Even Smokey was trying to get in on the action.

Aunt Bobbie's socks were a big hit that day! Robert and Noah were fascinated by them.

I think they started to bother Noah after a little while. He was bound and determined to get them off, he just wasn't sure how to accomplish that! My kids are just like their father, no one wants to be wearing socks if they don't have shoes on. I am the only one you will see with just socks on in our house!

Robert was bound and determined to put a diaper on Ducky! Somehow I think that he would have been better off with his first diaper (micro preemie) rather than their current diapers! Not only is Robert obsessed with diapering the animals, he now has Noah doing it, too!

Leigha loves playing with Aunt Bobbie's scarves in the winter. It serves all sorts of purposes for her. This is probably the closest to the real purpose of a scarf.

Then there is the sisterly love showing through. Aren't most scarves used to pretend your brother is a pet?

Don't worry, she is all about equality. It was her turn to get pulled around the kitchen. Robert was happy to oblige!

It's a good thing that Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry come over to play, someone has to show them how to have a good time being a kid!


Kei said...

Magna doodles do rock! Looks like everyone had fun!

Oh, and TAG! You've been tagged with a Christmas meme.

loren said...

Peanut butter is perhaps the best food in the world, regardless of the fact that it's incredibly messy! I love PB!

Leigha's not alone - I love those fuzzy scarves :)

Aunt Bobbie said...

Catherine you give us too much credit. You are our insperation. We feel like we do so little compared to you. Your kids are great, and we are very lucky to have you. Miss you all much. LUV, Aunt B