Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Introducing Sharpay!

Last Monday was President's Day so I had the day off. I had given Nicole the option of having the day off, but she said she would go ahead and work. I decided that it would be a great opportunity to bring the kids to the park. My poor children don't go to the park because there is no way on earth that I could keep track of all of them or leave the park with the same number of children I arrived with!

Matthew is really becoming independent! He wants to walk a lot now. This makes it easier in some ways and more difficult in others. The one thing we did regret was not bringing his walker. He could have cruised around on the sidewalk, but I would have feared the drop off into the sand.

Nicole and Matthew

Noah loved climbing up the stairs. He would get all the way to the slide and then immediately turn around and go back down the stairs. His speed increased if he saw me coming, he knew that Mom had no issues with forcing a kid down the slide!

Robert was everywhere (shocker!)but he was not going down the slide as often as he has done before. Sometimes he would go down, with a little push of course. Other times he would follow Noah's lead and go back down the stairs, too!

Matthew scared the heck out of me! He climbed up the stairs and then wanted to go back down right away. However, he was crawling down the stairs. There is a
huge difference when there are no walls keeping your legs on the stairs! He kept sliding out the side, I thought I was going to have a heart attack at one point. Nicole? He's all yours again!

Leigha is another one who has never been fearless when it comes to the park. She was always hesitant about going down slides. The few times we have visited this park, she has wanted to climb up the rope contraption, but never goes more than one or two steps up before she freaks out. Today was different, she was on a mission!

Okay, now what? How do I get down?!

Matthew was enjoying this new found freedom at the park. I just accepted the fact that he will end up putting holes in his knees!

He was the only one that really wasn't TOO unhappy as he was pushed down the slide! Normally I would have to hold onto him, or someone would have to go down with him because, because he couldn't maintain his balance. Not anymore!

Leigha is really out to try some new things!

How do I get down now?

This is the closet thing to a smile I can get before Leigha starts to freak out! Moments later she ended up falling and getting hurt. The rock was a bully!

Noah and Matthew had a meltdown before leaving the park. How dare other people bring McDonald's french fries and not bring some for them! I will just pretend that the rest of the time was fabulous. I can forget that fact that Robert bolted out of the gate and into the park street, right?

We dropped Nicole and the boys off at home so they could eat and take their naps. Leigha and I set out to go ice skating. One would assume that there would be open skate on a school holiday, so you would think! I pulled up and found out that they were closed. Our next attempt was a bowling alley down the street. Leigha pretty much wanted to do anything EXCEPT go to the stores like we would normally do. Unfortunately, the bowling alley was gone. Our third attempt was to Sunset Station's bowling alley. Wouldn't you know that they had a hour and a half wait and we had to be back home at that point. Leigha was very disappointed, but agreed to walk around the mall.

There is a new store at the mall that Leigha LOVES! At Libby Lu, all princesses get fairy dust sprinkled over their heads. The girl working there happened to be wearing a Sharpay wig and they were advertising their Sharpay makeovers that were about to begin. For some odd reason, Leigha has wanted blonde hair really bad recently. I think it was the Mommy Guilt that pushed me over the edge. We had attempted to do something fun together and we were striking out left and right. The Mommy Guilt because Leigha is without her fun father for 18 months. Whatever it was, we scheduled her makeover for Sunday (today).

You really can't beat the deal! Leigha had her make-up done, nails polished, a Sharpay wig, a cute bag, she was able to pick out five items from the bins, and she got to keep her make-up. This was all for $27.50. It was well worth it, as you could see the excitement in her face.

She has been wanting to be blonde for so long, and now she is going to get her wish!

Introducing Sharpay!

Leigha said she likes High School Musical 2 more than the first one because it has more songs and she likes the songs better. When does the third one come out? I just heard that they were making another one!

It's a good thing I took pictures at the mall, as soon as we walked out the door she told me the wig itches. I told her I knew it would and she wanted to know why I didn't warn her. Do you think she would have listened to me?

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loren said...

Wow, I wish I had a blonde wig like that, lol!!! Something about those plastic or nylon or mystery material wigs makes them SO itchy. I wore one for Halloween one year and it drove me crazy! Oh the horror :)

I loved the pics of the kids in the park. It makes me wish for warm days and cool summer breezes...