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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Kids Would NEVER...

I often eat those words these days. I was and am still very naive. I think people judge others way too easily. For example, my friend Lesa has all of these wonderful videos of her children on her website. When my children were just little babies, I would laugh hysterically at these videos. However, I would question why she would video her kids demolishing her house and not STOP it! I once asked her and she said that if she didn't laugh at it, she would be in tears. I know I have written about this before, but it just seems right to mention one of my favorite short videos. Her monkeys cracked me up, but my first thought was that I would NEVER let my kids jump around on my furniture like that. I am not a first time parent, I went through each stage with Leigha already. I remember a few times when Leigha tried to stand up on our couch and jump. I quickly told her no and explained that we don't jump on furniture. Did Lesa have any control over her kids? To this day, I still appologize to Lesa for my misguided "thoughts."

Seriously, my kids would NEVER jump or play on my furniture.

Couches are for sitting on.

She taught me well. Lesa said that you really have to choose your battles. Is it really THAT bad that my kids climb all over my couches? No, it's not! It's just bad when I take them monkeys, I mean kids, to YOUR house! Wait, maybe that's why were aren't invited out a lot?!

Even when they are upset, they are still so darn cute! Noah takes the best pictures when he is mad at me. He had NO desire to have his picture taken. Out of about twenty pictures I took of him, only two came out looking like he felt. I learned something that night. I just have to say cheese to everyone else and make Noah mad to get a great picture!

I love when the boys have to say they are sorry to each other. The hugs are cute smiles just make me laugh. Noah appologized to Robert for throwing something.

I wonder if Noah's appology to Matthew, when he took Matthew's baseball bat and hit him in the eye, was as sincere?

Even those these kids can drive me crazy, they sure do make me smile!



How can I possibly resist these CUTE faces?!

It's definitely hard to stay mad at them for long.

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