Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, April 18, 2008

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Program

Last Friday my aunt and uncle came by for a visit. Ever since my aunt left for Tucson, we have only seen her about once a month or so. Lucky for us, she will be moving back here at the end of April. The kids LOVE when Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry are coming over to play!

Leigha and Noah started making little forts to play in. She is trying to learn to be more patient with her brothers. They tend to knock over a lot of her work, sometimes on accident and sometimes on purpose. Isn't that what brothers are for? Right, Lee?

Robert was having fun throwing out all of the stuffed animals. He LOVES watching Mom cringe as she sees the pile of toys growing and growing. What better joy can you give a little boy?

I wonder how long her fort stood up this time? Oh wait, did it come crashing down on its own?

Trying to balance three large books, a ton of stuffed animals, and two brothers is a LOT of hard work!

Peek-a-boo, Robert!

I should probably admit that you can tell when my aunt is back in town, you will see a lot more pictures of my children. I think I just forget to take pictures, unless a crisis is going on--and you know I would grab my camera then. The kids love visits from BobbyJerry (we are still working on separating the names and adding Aunt and Uncle to them). Although, when my kids start asking for cell phones--Uncle Jerry is who I am sending them to!

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