Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, April 13, 2008


That's it, I am DONE!

My original intent was to post about the wonderful visit we had with my aunt and uncle on Friday night and then our trip to the beautiful park last night. INTENT is the key word.

Today was a day to get things organized. We didn't go anywhere. That can be good and bad when you consider that the boys haven't napped in several weeks. To break up the monotony, I opened the sliding doors to let the kids play outside. They have gotten really good about being out there recently. I brought them out water to drink since it's getting so hot again.

Before I knew it, Robert and Noah were saying Matthew and pointing to him. Matthew wasn't screaming, yelling, just letting out a quiet cry. I picked him up and noticed he was bleeding from the mouth (here we go again!). After Noah's incident, I peeked at the front teeth first. Wait, where was his FRONT TOOTH?!

After getting a paper towel to clean him up, I went outside to find the tooth. His chair (which he tipped over trying to get in) was lying on it's side, next to his water, next to this very LARGE tooth!

I could not believe how big that root was! Seriously, how the heck did that thing come out like that?! I figured it was better than if it had broken in half and I was relieved that the other teeth looked fine. His nose was bleeding slightly, but nothing looked swollen. I called the dentist and waited (impatiently) for a call from the on-call dentist. She told me that I should call in the morning to get him in for an xray of the other front tooth. She said that they would probably pull his other front tooth and put in 4 fake teeth, banded to his cuspids. See, my boys received the lovely genes that gave them two missing teeth, the lateral incisors. A few people were surprised that they would care about the spaces since they are baby teeth, but those front teeth are VERY important for speech development.

Matthew, as always, handled it very well! He whimpered for awhile, but then he was back to running off with something I needed. I couldn't get him to slow down. I decided to give him oatmeal for dinner, since I knew he shouldn't be biting into anything. The other boys demanded the same thing when they saw him getting it. So dinner consisted of oatmeal, applesauce, and pudding. Geez, doesn't that sound like a great dinner?!

Here is my toothless grinner!

Matthew is still as cute as can be.


Laura said...

What a tough little guy! Where on earth did you get such unsafe chairs? We are really glad he is okay :)

Cathy said...
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Cathy said...

LMAO! I don't know- some parents who don't care about the welfare of my children, don't you think? Don't worry, I still "owe" you for Leigha's birthday presents!

Suzanne said...

Holy Tooth! That thing is BIG!

Glad that he is ok... he doesn't look to upset about it! Hope the xrays go ok!


Tiffany said...

Wow, you need a break from the crazy things that keep happening. Good luck!!!!!!!I hope only good luck comes your way from now on.

I cannot believe his tooth came out like that. He looks cute!

Michele S said...

Oh MY God! I would have fainted dead away if I would have saw that come out of one my kid's mouths. Good grief. POOR MATTHEW!