Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, April 04, 2008


Yes, my children qualified for the Early Childhood program through the school district. It's pretty much a miracle, the fact that their triplets is what got them in. As I have stated before, there are a lot of things I wouldn't do with my boys because there are three of them. On Matthew's last physical therapy appointment the PT asked me how the other two were doing. I thought they were doing great, but not according to her! She asked me if the boys can jump down the stairs. What? Do you think I am going to encourage them to jump down my stairs? Are you crazy? She then asked if they jump off of my couch! I thought it was bad enough that I let them climb all over and jumping on the couch, but I am supposed to encourage jumping off of the couch? She then asked if they could jump forward. I never really "asked" them to do it before. I don't remember teaching Leigha how to do it. I then brought each of them over, showed them how to jump forward, and let them try to copy me. Robert could jump about 4-6 inches, but Noah just jumped up and down. That put Noah at 12-18months and Robert at 18-24 months. It's these types of things that qualified them for EC.

Thanks to Signing Time and a lot of letter and number toys Noe and I used with them, our kids are actually ahead of the game in that sense. Now my biggest fear is starting to come true. My kids are old enough to start communicating things to other people I am not exactly thrilled with. For example, Matthew puts this up on the bathtub wall every bath now:

He keeps searching for another x, and tells me he is, but we only have one of each letter. Occasionally he will put up a k at the end. Matthew proudly announces, "XBOX."
Then we are sitting at the doctor's office the other day, they all look at the letters on the door and see "wi" in part of a word and promptly say, in unison, "WII." Can you say BUSTED?! Yes, my trio of three-year olds are addicted to video games already.

On a positive side, Robert is signing and talking more and more. I think it's finally clicked for him. He is signing a lot and his speech is more intelligible. I LOVE IT! Now if my kids would just start spelling more educational words, I would be ecstatic.

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Anonymous said...

They're supposed to know how to jump forward at 18-24 months? My triplets were barely preemies and at 20 months none of them know how to do that. My girls can jump up and down but my DS's feet don't even leave the floor yet when he is "jumping". I don't consider them delayed at all. There is zero chance I'm teaching them to jump off of anything.

I watched a show on Discover Health tonight about multiples. The expert pedi was talking about doing art projects with toddlers. I thought of your previous posts. I'm with you on this one. If the pedi wants my 20 month old kids to finger paint she can take them to her house because it isn't happening yet at mine. We also aren't gluing or cutting anything. If they would stop eating the crayons we would probably color more. Other people just don't get how some things are more difficult with multiples.