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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Just One of THOSE Weeks

It's time to play catch-up with everything going on around here. Last Friday our school had the Mad Science scientists come to our school to do an exploration program with our students. It was really fun! I think my students enjoyed watching me with the Van de Graaff. One of the other teachers took this shot, but I think they had turned it down by that point. Gives a whole new meaning to bad hair day!

The neatest booth they had there was the one with the UV Beads.

The beads look like most other clear or transparent beads. That is until you take a step outside! It was amazing to see how fast they changed colors.

After the assembly we had a few more assignments to work on and then it was time for Fun Friday. I have tons of educational games for the kids to play during the last half hour on Friday's. However, there are always ways of taking the educational part out of some games. I have to give these girls some extra credit or something, even though this wasn't quite "educational."

Saturday morning started off great! Uncle Jerry came over for a visit. Noah made himself at home, snuggled up to Uncle Jerry.

Uncle Jerry hung out with us until right after lunch time. Up until that week, it would have been time to put the boys down for their naps. However, nap time here is HISTORY! This was my first day with them for 12 hours straight, AWAKE! I let the kids play outside in the backyard to keep them happy for awhile. The excited little shrieks let me know something new was happening out there. I peeked out (Matthew had come inside) to find out that the sprinklers were going off. Here that means FLOODING. I decided it was too late to keep them off the grass, so I just let them have some fun.

A few hours later it was time to get OUT of the house. They boys hadn't been anywhere since Wednesday, and even then it was just for the doctor's office. We needed a bunch of things from Costco and a few other stores. After I got everyone ready to go, I went outside to put my stuff in the van. Guess what I found? A DEAD VAN! Remember, this is the same van that just had a new battery put in LAST WEEK! I immediately ran in to call the dealership. Unfortunately, they were just closing. Of course they were, this is ME we are talking about. I had to tell the kids that the van was broken so they wouldn't freak out that we weren't leaving. They seem to understand broken quite well, especially recently.

I decided to go ahead and try to jump the van to see if the lights had been left on. Surely they had to have run a diagnostic check when they replaced the old battery. As soon as I connected the last of the four clamps on the jumper cables, my van's anti-theft horn went blaring. At least it was 4 p.m. I finally just cringed and dealt with the horn blasting while I charged the car. Sure enough, there little lights were on in the back. Now that the kids are bigger, they have been turning these lights off and on. We come home when it's still light out, so hard to catch.

Stay tuned for the next adventure!

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