Leigha and the Triplets

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of School!

The first day of school took on a whole new meaning in our house this year. It was my first day of school, with my students, since I am a teacher. It was Leigha's first day of 2nd grade. Since the boys turned three half-way through the school year, they just joined a class mid-year. So it was their first, first day of Early Childhood.

I also found out that the bus would be coming 20 minutes earlier this year. This news was HUGE! That meant that I would have to get them up in the morning, get them dressed, and feed them breakfast. That sucks! It's bad enough trying to get Leigha and myself ready every morning, but now I have to get all six of us ready. I did it though, everyone was ready on time!

Leigha was really excited for school! Every year seems to get better for her, so I was hoping she would love 2nd grade. She's not one to like doing any more than she has to when it comes to learning. I think she was also excited to show off her new haircut!

She loved her first grade teacher, Mrs. Friedmann, but she knows that she will get to see her every day still. Her 1st grade classroom was within reach from mine!

Then it was time to go see her new classroom, which was in a different great room than my classroom. I think she might enjoy that, Mom won't be able to see her every movement this year! Leigha's 2nd grade teacher is Mrs. Johnson. She is the mother of one of Leigha's 1st grade classmates. Mrs. Johnson LOVES Hello Kitty. I don't think I will have any difficulty finding presents for her this year!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to see the boys off for their first day of school. At least I got to see them off on their actual first day of school last year! I still had my mom's camera here, so I asked Suzanne to take a few pictures when they were ready to go. I was hoping she wouldn't forget, and she didn't!

Robert, Matthew, and Noah

Noah, Matthew, and Robert

I was pretty shocked at the next picture. Matthew is so funny about his chair. All of his bus drivers, teachers, and nannies told me that Matthew stops talking as soon as he sits in his chair. He will not even look at you sometimes. He just sits there and stares when he's sitting in it. As soon as his teachers take him out of the chair, he doesn't STOP talking. Hmmm, maybe I could use the chair for a few of my students- would it work with them?!

Robert and Noah are usually pretty happy getting on the bus, but I think it was all seriousness that day because they had a new bus driver!

Matthew has to have his chair strapped down, so he is always right behind the other two. I wish it had been the same bus driver, he was actually talking to him more by the end of the year.

Off they went! Can you believe that they send that huge bus for just my kids or my kids plus one or two others!? Talk about a waste of gas. Please take note that my dear friend is still around, full of toxic diaper and litter box waste.

Everyone had a great first day of school! Let's hope the rest of the year goes as well!


Janel said...

ok how did you have time to post this...aren't you getting ready for school....wait was the first day last week and you just posted this today????

laraine said...

Cathy - they look so cute. I can't believe they have the whole big bus almost to themselves!.

I love Leigh's hair cut. I know you posted about it a long time ago - but I didn't get a chance to comment. It looks really cute.