Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's BABY Time!

No, I am NOT pregnant! On May 2nd I attended the Las Vegas Baby Expo at the South Point Hotel and Casino. Rachel, from Signing Time, was there to give a performance. It was fun to get to see her perform again, and in a smaller setting.

In addition to watching Rachel perform, I was excited to finally meet Natalie and Nicholas. Nicholas had a very exciting and anticipated birth last year. It was nice to sit and chat with her before the show.

Once again, Leigha was able to jump on stage with Rachel. I try to give her the speech ahead of time, telling her that she has been up there before and that she needed to give other children an opportunity. That just doesn't go over very well with an eight year old! She raised her hand, and Rachel was gracious enough to include her. I really wish I could remember who Rachel chose next, it looked like she REALLY wanted that one!

Rachel (who might kill me) has been my motivation over the past year. Last year when I saw her, she had just completed a 12 week Body for Life program. She looked absolutely amazing! She took it a step further this year and it gave me the motivation to get into shape. Who wouldn't be inspired by her transformation?

We waited around until everyone else had taken their pictures and got their autographs. The kids were excited to see Rachel again (almost as much as I was!).

It was off to the Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch! Leigha was a chatterbox the entire time. It took Noah awhile to get over the fact that he was having lunch with Rachel, but she wasn't wearing Orange. Last year we met up with Rachel at the hotel the day before the event. My kids didn't even realize it was her at that point. This time they knew it was her, but were thoroughly confused. It was very cute!

Unfortunately, this was a quick trip for Rachel. After lunch she had to head back to the airport to catch her flight home. The entire way home I had to listen to, "I miss my Rachel. I miss Signing Time Rachel, too." It's a good thing she was coming back to Vegas 5 days later!


Joe and Leanna said...

Ok...Great post but I am SO jealous!! My pics of the 'show' turned out blurry because of the awful lighting and I am still waiting for my friend to give me the video from borrowing her video camera... sigh!!

April said...

Great pictures, Cathy! I hope some day to get pictures of my own with my kids. Grayson especially would be soo excited.. as I would! I am glad you shared those moments with us!