Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, June 02, 2006

Will things ever return to normal? What IS normal?

Leigha has gotten past her sickness, as well as Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry. Everytime I THINK the boys have gotten over it, they are sure to let me know otherwise, one way or another.

Leigha officially graduated Preschool! We will miss the small graduation, but she received her diploma today. She was also chosen to be Student of the Week (too bad she was sick all week and didn't go to school until today.) She was quite proud of herself. She was so excited to go to school and congratulate her friends, just like we had congratulated her sister Val for her highschool graduation!

I am now on track break for the next 3 weeks. On Monday, bright and early, we take off for our cross-country road trip! Wish us luck!!