Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't ever think that things couldn't get worse!

It has been a wild few days here in the Ybarra house! Noe left for his daughter's graduation on Friday morning. I ran him to the airport at 4 a.m., came home, got Matthew up and ready to go to the hospital for his testing. He went to the hospital on .25 liters of oxygen, the next day he needed 1 liter! The little bugger kept pulling out his nasal cannula too. On Sunday and Monday the explosive diapers started, and that was just the beginning. All I have done for 3 days is clean up explosions from both ends....one baby sick is bad enough...3 just gets to be comical. I have never give so many baths in such a short period of time. To top it off, Noe's flight got cancelled last night, so he just got home this morning. I am still trying to figure out how I will make it to our Multicultural/Invention Convention Night at my school. Doesn't help that my boys got our only babysitter, Aunt Bobbie, sick! Oh, and I musn't forget that at 1 am Leigha let me know that she was sick too. We spent hours dealing with that last night. So....at this point I just find it comical. You have never seen a mother jump so fast when she hears a toot or smells something funny. Since I seem to be the only healthy one, I am expecting that it will hit me right before my 38 hour car trip on Monday hee hee.

On the positive side, Noah is crawling on all fours more than the army crawl now. Both him and Robert beeline to the bathtub if the door is left open. I think they actually enjoy all of these baths. They have never been put in the big bath tub and never together either! They also grab our remote controls, telephones, and video games and book it around the corner. They make sure to look behind them to see if they are in the process of getting busted! Robert understands no, just doesn't always care! I have asked him to give me things and he has passed it from one hand to the other and then passed it on to me. Matthew is really working on the waving goodbye and hello. Ok, he really just likes to wave at himself so far!

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Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to bother you. My name is Rami Braginsky from Mililani, Hawaii and I came across pictures of your family while looking for an old friend: Jeff Comitor, who I was close with years ago growing up in Skokie, Illinois. Over the years I've lost touch with him but I'd like to send him a message to say hi. If there's any way you know of passing along to him my email address I'd be very grateful. Again, so sorry to bother you. You are so blessed to have beautiful children!

Rami Braginsky