Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Changes Happening Everywhere!

There have been so many changes in the boys this past month. They are all up to 6 teeth now (Noah's finally popped through this week.) Matthew is now wearing his helmet 20-22 hours a day. We are hoping that it will help round out his head, although we are late in the game for doing this. We actually think that it has helped strengthen his neck muscles. At times he will sit by himself for about 10-15 seconds. Then he gets lazy and leans back or does a nose dive. Matthew is also eating in the booster seat like his brothers! He sometimes slouches over, but does a great job compared to before.

Now that the boys are 1 year adjusted age, I am anxious to get them off baby food and switched to regular milk. I tried introducing sippy cups to Noah and Robert today. It went ok, but they definitely didn't drink as much as with a bottle. I have also been giving them the baby snacks. Matthew still won't allow anything that is thick or chunky in his mouth, without gagging and throwing up. I also will not be able to switch over to cow's milk because we still have to thicken his milk with rice cereal. I just hope he isn't eating baby food by the time he goes to school, that stuff is expensive!!!

Matthew is acting more and more like his big sister. He now rolls in continuous motion to get whatever he wants. Leigha used to roll from room to room, take corners at a high speed, etc. Noah and Robert never did this. The only problem is that we have to be careful he doesn't strangle himself with the oxygen tube! I have had to unwind him several times today already. I will be SO happy when he no longer needs that! We have upped his reflux meds, so hopefully we can get that under control soon.

While we were in North Carolina, Noah mastered pulling to a standing position. Thankfully, he has also figured out how to sit back down so he doesn't have to scream from his bed. It's funny to watch Noah and Robert using their hips to push each other out of the way.

I think that is about all for now!

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Sue said...

Hi. I found your blog via The Grubbs. Thanks to the miracle of modern medicine, I am 9 weeks pg w/triplets. It's nice to know I'm in good company! I look forward to reading more of your blog.