Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Everyone survived the 6,000+ mile road trip!

It was an exciting month, to say the least. Leigha absolutely LOVED her grandparents' house on the mountain. She wore out her grandpa taking walks and constantly talking to him. Leigha even handled Nikki and Kirby much better this time (2 big Collies.)

Leigha at Grandma and Grandpa's waterfall

The boys didn't care if they had toys or not (other than the fridge magnets.) They were too busy playing with tupperware, fireplaces, opening and closing cabinet doors, etc. We took them on a walk up the mountain, a walk I did not repeat again. I can just imagine what I could look like if I lived there and took daily walks. It was HARD pushing them up the hills!

Noe joined us half way through the trip. My dad was able to get him the back door passes for the special tours at the Biltmore and he got to go fly fishing. Two things he really wanted to do. Father's Day he got to spend 5 hours on the deck reading his books, UNINTERRUPTED!

It is always so sad to leave, and even worse when you think about the road trip ahead of us. We left last Wednesday morning and stopped at the Knoxville Zoo. Leigha got to ride on a camel and a burro. That was about the only exciting things at that zoo!
Leigha at the Knoxville Zoo

The road trip wasn't bad, at least for the kids and myself. Noe might have another opinion on that! The most frustrating part was the time it took to feed the kids at rest stops.

Feeding the boys in the middle of the desert!

We finally pulled into the house Saturday evening, and we were all THRILLED to see our house! Noe had cleaned the entire downstairs and redid the playroom in front. We should have taken pictures, neeedless to say it doesn't look like that anymore.

Back to reality of working!

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