Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Me, Myself, and I

Today was a rare day indeed. I got to go see a show with no kids! Unfortunately, I didn't get to see it with anyone else (although I did run into two people Noe works with.) Noe called me the other day and slipped in the fact that he had a ticket to see Elton John. I couldn't beleive what he was saying, he almost gave it away thinking I wouldn't want it. WRONG! The show was tonight, so he stayed with the kids

I have to admit, the show was not what I had expected. As I waited to go through the metal detectors, I stood behind a family with two daughters. There were a bunch of kids in the lobby with their families. Then the show starts...then the boob parade starts. The show was in Celine Dion's theater. It has the largest tv screen in the world. All across the video screen were boobs. There were big boobs, small boobs, jiggling boobs, bouncing boobs, and the list goes on and on. Oh, I musn't forget the big inflatable boobs hanging off stage left, or the inflatable banana surrounded by two cherries. Yes, I felt pretty bad for the parents of those kids in the audience. It was a very sexual show, that's for sure! He can still sing though, although I think I must really be aging because I thought the music (band) were too loud and drowning him out a bit. Overall, it was a pretty good show.


Michele S said...


I just caught up on your blog and please, please, please, for the LOVE OF GOD do not feed the kids what you eat. Please!!!! Do I need to come over there and cook??? LOL!

Glad to see you got to go out. Good for you.


Cathy said...

Yes!!! Come over and cook anytime Michelle. I do agree that I should NOT feed them what I eat. I will be expecting you tomorrow at what time?