Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Triplets Take on Costco!

It was our turn today to go visit the Grubbs! After breakfast I changed the boys into their new shirts. They each say, "It's my brother's fault." Leigha REALLY needs to have one of these too! When we arrived at their house, it was playtime! All 6 boys did great, once again they were sharing toys and no one was injured. My boys definitely liked some of their toys. It's hard to believe they have toys that we don't own, who would have thought?!

The boys hard at work!

Matthew having fun



We learned from our previous mistake, today we did not forget to get a picture of all of the kids together (NOT in chaos!) I can't even say that it was much of a challenge to keep them still. Normally, at least a few of the boys would be crawling off while we try to get the other ones ready. They were so good, I am sure it won't happen again!

Wyatt, Jaxon, Lucas, Robert, Noah, and Matthew

Feeding time at the zoo. This is what it takes for me to be popular!

We decided to take our freak show on the road! We packed up both sets of boys and headed off to Costco. The Grubbs rode in style in their Choo Choo Wagon. We got all the normal comments, "You have your hands full," and "I would kill myself," etc. Today we through in some new ones, "Are all six YOURS??" Didn't help that all 6 boys were now wearing matching shirts! Don liked to joke around that they were all mine and I sent the Cabana boy fetching my food and drinks for me.

On the way out of Costco, Laura really freaked me out. I will admit, these boys have killed a few braincells of mine. I know it, I am fully aware of it, and know there is nothing I can do but blame it on them! However, Laura told me that Leigha was inside. I kept thinking, she didn't come with us. I was quite confused until I saw the familiar sight of my old Triple Decker stroller. Another triplet family, Lea's, were coming out of Costco right behind us. We thought it was pretty funny, people were freaking out inside. We couldn't pass up the photo opportunity though!

The Ybarras, McCarthys, and the Grubbs!

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