Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Noe DOES have a brother named Jerry!

Well, after 7.5 years of marriage I FINALLY met Noe's brother Jerry. Jerry and Regina were in town with her family and came by to meet the boys. It was a quick visit, but I am happy that I have not met everyone in his family (ok, so immediate family.)

Regina, Jerry, and the kids

I also decided to try the Gerber Pasta Pick-ups with Noah and Robert. It didn't go over quite as well as I had hoped, but what does. Robert is definitely my kid. I might as well have named him Alvin, Simon, or Theodore. He shoves food in as fast as possible, but does not chew and swallow the food before promptly shoving more in. Noah did well when I cut it up and used a fork with him.

Robert and Noah eating the pasta

Can you find something that doesn't belong?

Can you find what is missing?

Matthew was able to take a break from his oxygen for the daytime!


Robert is full to the rim!

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