Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

First day of Kindergarten!

Today was the first day of kindergarten! I decided I would start taking pictures while she was still sleeping!

Noe even woke up a bit earlier than normal so he could see her off.

I guess I don't blame Leigha for not wanting to have her backpack on when it had all of her supplies in it!

Leigha has to stay in my classroom for the first half hour each day

We dropped her supplies off at her classroom ahead of time, so I took the opportunity to snap a few pictures.

I decided that it's hard to be a teacher and a mother at the same time. The gates open at 8:30 a.m. and the kids get to stay outside, play, meet everyone, etc. until the bell rings at 8:47 a.m. Everyone says the pledge, has a moment of silence, and then they move inside the classrooms. The parents are supposed to say their goodbyes outside so that the teachers can take over.

Wait, that is what MOST parents do. Not me. I am a teacher. I am supposed to be in a different playground (Kinder separated from Grades 1-5) holding up a sign so all of MY students can find me. Sigh. I begged another teacher to hold my sign since we are next to each other. I brought Leigha over to their playground, hung around until I could have her meet at least one other child, then I gave her a hug and kiss and took off. I guess that might be better than watching her leave, etc. Thankfully, our guidance counselor was there to keep an eye on her and snap some pictures for me. Thanks Joan! Here are her pictures:

Leigha taking her first drink as an official student!

Mom giving her last minutes advice, hugs, and kisses

Doesn't look like she missed me much

Getting lined up!

The benefits of being staff, no other parent got pictures from the "inside"

It is official, my little baby is a Kindergartener!

The only downfall is that I had to give up my lunch period for the entire school year and doubled the length of my duty, so that I can drive Leigha home at lunch time. First day is over, only 179 more to go!

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Michele S said...

I have TEARS streaming down my face!!!!!! I love, love, love this post!!!!!! What a big day for you all!