Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A Principal's Worst Nightmare!

One of the teachers at my school told us that her son wouldn't be attending our school because she would be hated by his teachers. She said that she would be in your face, type of parent, if she didn't like what was going on with her son's education. We agreed that would be best then lol. I thought I was going to be the opposite. I probably wouldn't pay attention enough to my kids' education because I am too busy at school trying to keep my class going.

Wrong! Before my daughter even started school, I began to make trouble. I was trying to pump Leigha up for school, telling her that she was going to get to go to Art, Library, Music, and P.E. One of the other teachers overheard me and informed me that the a.m. class went to two and the p.m. class went to the other two. Steam came from my ears. I walked into the lunch room and took off my keys (i.d. badge) and reintroduced myself to the principal by saying my name and that I was the parent of Leigha. I then voiced my anger at the fact that my daughter was not going to receive exposure to all 4 specials. My principal explained that it was a scheduling issue and it's been that way. I told him that I would be his worst nightmare of a parent since he had to deal with me everyday hee hee. He thought that was funny, as we both laughed.

Guess he didn't want to deal with me all year long, the P.E. teacher (who does the scheduling) fixed it so that all Kindergarteners will receive all 4 classes!! WOO HOO!

I eased their minds and told everyone that I probably will keep my mouth shut for the rest of the year!

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