Leigha and the Triplets

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Triplet Conspiracy

Awhile back, I was sent a link to the Best Buy Mission. It was a long read, but absolutely hysterical in theory. In short, about 80 people dressed up in khaki pants and blue shirts. They invaded a Best Buy store in intervals and sent the whole place in a frenzy.

I think about this only because I tend to go out a lot with the Grubb Triplets. Today we were in Old Navy. I separated from them and started looking at clothing. I would get the normal triplet comments (none of which bother me), but the funnier part is always when they come around the corner and I can hear the comments of people when they notice there are two sets of triplets.

About a month or so ago we took a trip to Costco. On the way out, Lea (another triplet family) came out right behind us. She had heard, from customers, that there were two other sets of triplets in there too. That really freaked people out.

I told Laura that we should get all of our triplet friends together and bombard a store at 2 minute intervals. I would love to be a fly on the wall as multiple sets of triplets arrive in all kinds of weird strollers and wagons. I think it would be priceless.

As far as comments go, I have a different outlook than other triplet moms. My triplets are spontaneous...never in a million years did I think I would ever have triplets, or even twins! If it weren't me, I would be the one gawking and making the comments. Most comments amuse me, even the ones that others might be offended by. I read another triplet mom's blog where someone asked if her kids were triplets. She proudly said yes! Then the mom rolled down her windows to introduce her QUADS! The mom said she felt kind of outdone by someone, she was baffled. I would feel the same way lol. I enjoy the attention most of the time, I am damn proud of those boys and what they have been through! I decided I should enjoy it while it lasts! Once the odd looking strollers are gone, I am sure no one will realize they are triplets. So I will take my few years of fame and enjoy them!

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Michele S said...


I'm with you in the comment department. Comments don't bother me either. And yes, once they are older people don't know they're triplets anymore, which annoys the hell out of me. WHERE'S MY RECOGNITION, DARN IT!!!!