Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Talk about last minute!

Last Friday I came home from school. This is a peaceful time for me, at least most of the time. I can relax for a little while since the boys are sleeping. Leigha likes to play on her computer in my office (aka...Mini Me.) Laura and I chat a lot during this time since both sets of boys are napping. I was cooking a meatloaf that Laura made us for dinner. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, Laura invites us to meet them at Sunset Park for a picnic and play! Ok, the boys are sleeping, the meatloaf is in the oven, I just got home from work, etc. Any sane person would just say no. NOT ME! I decided that I am up for the challenge! I got the diaper bag ready with dinner, diapers, bibs, etc. I took the meatloaf out and got it ready to go back in the fridge, woke up the boys, got them dressed, loaded the stroller on the carrier, etc. I pulled in right behind them! The park had been totally redone, so Leigha had a blast. Next time I might even get to play with her, thank God for Don and Laura!

Feeding time!

Leigha LOVED the new swings

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