Leigha and the Triplets

Monday, August 14, 2006

Toaster Oven 1, Cathy 0

It's really sad when you battle a toaster oven and the toaster oven wins. I had plenty on my "to do" list today, this wasn't one of the things. I got the boys up from their second nap (Michelle...I am sticking with two thank you!) and started to make them dinner. I had turned the toaster oven on before I went to rescue them from their cribs so they would have less time to complain when they see me in the kitchen getting their food ready. I forgot to take out the pan ahead of time, so when I got back downstairs, I had to kind of toss the chicken nuggets into the oven. I was never good at horseshoes. I missed the second one and it landed on the bottom tray. No big deal, just stick your hand in and retrieve it. WRONG! Somehow I misjudged the distance, depth, etc. I grabbed the heating element. Did I mention this was preheated to 450 degrees? Oh yes, that felt great! I immediately ran the two fingers under cold water, but how cold can the water really be in Vegas in August?! I grabbed ice and then tried to figure out how I was going to change diapers.

The evening only got worse. I told Leigha we would make cookies. When I took the third pan out of the oven, I placed it on top of the other one. I turned around and took ONE STEP away from the oven. That's the amount of time needed for both cookie sheets to go flying on their own. All over the floor. What a waste, sigh. Side note: I had issues ordering candy online and now my cookies were on the floor. Wouldn't you think this just might be a sign that I need to cut out the crap?!

Next dilemma, I really needed to bathe all four kids. Sigh. Have you ever ran warm water over burns? It doesn't feel good. I did it though, but can't say I was too thrilled doing it!

Last, but not least, have you ever started a deep cleaning only to make things temporarily worse? I have a teacher work day tomorrow, but it's not the same without kids. I had decided awhile ago that I would pick one room or area to do a deep clean and organization. I have to do this periodically due to the 400+ razors, 30+ body washes, 1500+ bandaids, 60+ deoderants, etc. No I am really not a freak, I got those all for free (o.k. the Quattro and Intuition razors cost me about .10-15 each, I lied.) It sounded great at the time, but the night before your mother-in-law is due to come over was not the best timing. So I have just now finsihed organizing all of the bathrooms and moved on to the disaster of a kitchen. Hmmm...hope I remember to warn Noe NOT to open the left side of his cabinet. The headline might read, "Husband attacked my hundreds of razors in his own bathroom."

Ah well, time to get back to work.


crista said...

I'd be happy to deplete your razor stash :p
I'm on my very last intuition refill! Next time there's a great deal like that I'm going to be more greedy :)

Michele S said...


August 14????? That's your last blog entry in case you've forgotten you had a blog! What's going on over there?