Leigha and the Triplets

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Sleep Study

Thirteen months ago, my mom and I took Robert and Noah in for a sleep study. This was the step we needed to take to get the kids of their oxygen. At that point I was still pumping every 3 hours, the boys were waking up every 4 hours to eat. It was a rough night and then rougher dropping them off at home and going straight to work.

Thirteen months later, it is finally Matthew's turn! We got the reflux MOSTLY under control, so he has been able to go down on his oxygen levels. I thought this time might actually result in me getting more sleep than I do at home (no computer!) I was wrong. He might sleep through the night, but that kid is always in MOTION! His only source of motion is rolling and pushing around with his feet. At first, the technician (who should not work on babies due to his hands shaking) tried to wrap him up to keep the leads on. That was a joke!

As you can see, the wrap started moving up towards his mouth and right eye.

I made him remove it and just thought we would try it without it. Matthew was fascinated with all of the wires! At this point, I started to realize it would be a long night! Notice the lead stuck to his hand.

Mom didn't bring ANY toys, so I searched the diaper bag to see what I could come up with to keep him from pulling off every lead. Voila! I found the Butt Cream! That offered him a ton of amusement!

Then, he caught a glimpse of what was back on his foot again. The pretty red light!


Jen3 @ Amazing Triplets said...

That has got to be so hard with a baby who is capable of reaching and pulling off all the leads. It's incredible the things I'll resort to just keeping our kids "steady" on the table whenever I'm changing diapers ... tubes of Desitin, bulb syringes, toothbrushes. I can't even imagine how impossible it would be if they were covered in wires. NO WAY!!!

Hope he passed with flying colors!

Michele S said...

How did he do Cathy? Did he pass? I can't imagine how you got him to go to sleep!!!!