Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Las Vegas has an orchard?

Yes! I never knew about the Gilcrease Orchard! The Las Vegas Moms of Multiples had a group outing there. Unfortunately, we are no where near this orchard. It happens to be on the opposite side of the Valley from us.

Since our weather has dropped these past few days, I had to search for appropriate clothing for the boys. Leigha wanted to know why her room was a mess? My response went something along the lines of why should your room be any different than the rest of the house! It was also the first day I put shoes on the boys. I have bought shoes before, and returned shoes that they grew out of before I ever tried putting them on. I am sorry, but I am all about ease. Shoes are a total pain in the butt. That added an extra 15 minutes on to my morning. Robert wouldn't even stand up straight in them, at first. He was all bent over, hanging on for dear life. He finally got up and took a few steps holding on to me. Noah, on the other hand, wouldn't have anything to do with walking. I felt like I was back to trying to teach him how to stand up, he would just keep sitting down. Sigh.

When we got to the orchard, they had no clue about our group. I fed the kids in the van while I waited. Three of my other friends with triplets drove up. We were off! Robert and Noah are still sick. Robert's cold is coming on strong, but I thought it would do them some good to be out in the fresh air. I figured they wouldn't be near anyone else really, well, except for the millions of veggies he might have coughed near!

It's amazing how many kids there are and how few parents!

Leigha loved her surprise!

I had to stay with the boys, so Leigha ventured out with Michelle. I told her to ask Michelle what was ripe and ok to pick. Obviously Michelle wasn't doing that great of a job since we ended up with some rotton veggies in our bag! Michelle is my friend who is absolutely OBSESSED with health foods, herbs, supplements, etc. Maybe she can help me, but I think I am pretty hopeless. I love everything bad for you.

When the boys get used to walking in their shoes, I would love to take them out and let them roam around by the apple trees! I bet they would have a great time.

Robert loved my camera!



Michele S said...

Where are the PICTURES?????? I am not OBSESSED. (Yes you are. No, I'm not. Yes, you are. No. No. No.) ((Doesn't everyone have little people talking to them? LOL!))

Cathy said...

My pictures are the same place your other ones are! It's not uploading them at this time. It's annoying the heck out of me.

Michelle, it's ok, we all know how you are. We still like you!!

The Grubbs said...

Your pictures all came out great! I think you got the best group shot!