Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, October 07, 2006

What has become of me?

I feel like I am aging at a faster pace than I can keep up with. If you ask most adults what they did on a Saturday night, you wouldn't get the same response that I would give. What am I doing on a Saturday night at 11 p.m.? I am making playdoh like cookies with my daughter. Why so late? PROCRASTINATION! Here are the typical put-offs: Later, Maybe later, we'll see, in a little while, not yet, after the boys go to bed, when this cartoon is over, etc. The list could go on. I finally decided it was time! I can't beleive (I ever bought these for her) how long it takes to make so little. Sigh. Guess we will be doing this all week now that the cookie dough is sitting in the refrigerator!

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Teresa said...

How cute!!! We've made those kind of play doh cookies before.

I'll go ahead and warn you of something....it's kind of gross. BUT, don't be surprised if you see some of those colors in the toilet in a few days. I swear me and my daughter were pooping green for days. SORRY...that's a little TOO MUCH INFORMATION. But I wish someone would have warned me.