Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, November 03, 2006

NICU Playgroup

On Saturday morning, October 28, we went to the Summerlin Medical Center playdate. The kids had the option of bringing costumes. The kids were dressed up, but I undressed them about 3 minutes after entering. It was just too darn hot in there! The doors were closed to the conference room, so it was nice to let them loose!

Day 2 of the little monkeys

As I have said before, my kids feel so comfortable with the Grubbs that they just go straight to them now! Laura made her kids' costumes, they were Oompa Lumpas and adorable!

It is always fun to see the kids we knew in the NICU. This is Evan. His mom is a teacher too! He was born in January of 2005, at 25 weeks. He is the most adorable thing. You would never know how small he was either! It's hard to believe how far he has come.

By the time that someone got my camera, I was already losing one!

Jennifer, one of our favorite nurses, Evan, and the boys!

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