Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, November 03, 2006

Thank God for little steps!

Since I couldn't lift the boys as much, we started letting Robert and Noah crawl up the stairs. It's hysterical to watch. When I tell them it's time for bed, the two of them get close to the gate. It's like I fired a gun and they take off. I carry Matthew behind them, in case they fall back, and cheer on whoever is in 2nd at the time.

Noah takes the lead when Robert starts staring at Leigha's desk

Robert gets all excited at the newfound freedom

Bedtime is very loud in their room! Noah loves to throw out his blankets and watch you get them! I yell, "Down for the count!" and he falls down and puts his head on the mattress.

Matthew loves to rotate around, and ends up down where his crip meets up with Noah's. He feeds his blankets to Noah so that Noah can throw his over too!

Robert takes his cue from Noah! Minnie doesn't last long at all.

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