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Friday, November 03, 2006

Time for the relief! October 18-21

Although it made for a hectic day, I was very happy that my friend Crista flew in the day after my mom left. For those of you that don't know Crista, I feel I need to give you some background information. Crista has been a SAHM (although that will end soon!) She is CONSTANTLY doing things in her house. She makes me happy I live in a house that is two years old. If I move again, it will be to another brand new house! She is scrubbing base boards, shining sinks, cleaning windows, and basically doing things that I would NEVER have thought of. I blame several sources for this habit of hers. First, her mother seems to do the white glove testing when she visits. Second, it's this damn FlyLady's fault I, on the other hand, am the exact opposite. Mom, do I get to blame you for this?

I had surgery on Friday, October 13. My mom left town on Tuesday night and Crista was coming Wednesday afternoon. While my mom was here, she was in charge of most everything. So there was still no time to make this place look great (will it ever?) Wednesday morning I woke up and was bound and determined not to embarrass the heck out of myself. I started cleaning, but then that's almost impossible in this house. You can have a sparkling kitchen one minute and then a complete disaster the next. This place is a revolving pig sty. I gave up.

Crista came and was sick upon arriving. She had a bad landing and then got one of her migraine headaches. I knew what she was going through so I tried to send her to bed. She did have a bit of a recovery and came down to join us later in the evening. That was the only time she really sat around and didn't do much.

Thursday was a WORK day for Crista. She shined my sink, cleaned my window ledge, and then made me spend money. Why she makes me try on a pair of pants I shouldn't be buying, is beyond me. Of course I fell in love and ended up buying 3 different colors. But, it gets worse. I think I ended up taking 15 garbage bags to the Goodwill. That's great and all, but she wiped out almost all of my clothes. Which means....more shopping! I don't think I could afford to have Crista visit too often, although it would be nice. We joked that I don't need to get a cleaning lady, just fly Crista out every few months.

Friday morning, Amy drove in from Utah and Rachel flew in from Arizona. The four of us know each other from the internet. Most of my friends, in real life, will never understand what this group of women mean to me. INCLUDING my husband. He tells me that we need to get a life, all of the time. It's frustrating. I joined an expectancy club, online, when I found out I was pregnant with Leigha. Once we had our babies, it turned into a playgroup. We have had our ups and downs. We have had to find a "new home" several times, dealt with someone that faked cancer to not only us, but her entire family, been there for each other through the good and bad, and still feel that some of these girls are my best friends. Many of us have gotten together several times, all over the country. Crista and I have gotten together many times, Amy used to live here, and I was meeting Rachel for the first time.

We had a great, relaxing day! We went to Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3) for lunch. Amy's sister, Elyse, joined us as well. I haven't laughed that hard in a really long time. Our conversations were all over the board. We discussed everything including our cellulite just being bubble gum we swallowed (long story.)

Crista, Rachel, Cathy, and Amy

Elyse had agreed to watch my four kids (can you say a SAINT) so that we could all hit the strip that night. We went to the Cheesecake Factory at the Caesar Forum Shops. We knew we had to wait awhile to be seated, so we grabbed drinks and went shopping. A girl's night out, but guess where we ended up....Baby Gap! Hey, but we acutally got to drink and shop at the same time! Only in Vegas! By the time we purchased our stuff, our table was ready.

After dinner, we enjoyed "walktails." Where else would you just get to walk everywhere with a drink in your hand?! Pam, we missed the girls! It just wasn't the same without you! We walked over to the Bellagio to watch the water show.

Rachel, Amy, and Crista

Crista and Cathy

After hanging out there, we went back over to the Flamingo to see the pelicans. Wouldn't you know, they moved to Texas!? We peeked at the flamingoes, complained about the pelicans, and then took off for the Paris so I could get my crepes I had been craving ALL NIGHT! I guess the rest of my group just couldn't move fast enough. We got there about a minute or two too late. They were closed. So, we had to leave, right? NO. I was with Amy and Crista. That just wasn't going to fly with those two. They BEGGED them just to make one more crepe. I was slightly embarrassed, told them let's just go, but no, not good enough for them. We ended up walking away with a chocolate crepe (not what I wanted, but man, they are good!) While we were driving home, my husband called. The girls got the brainiac idea to tell him to meet us at another bar. After a shot and some more drinks, the night was coming to an end. It was 3 a.m. or so, and we were BEAT!

Saturday morning was sad for me. Everyone was leaving me. Amy had to drive back to Utah, and Crista and Rachel were flying out in the afternoon. Since Crista had gotten rid of more clothes, we had to stop by the mall to buy some more shirts. We won't discuss how much I spent on clothes this week. However, I loved the clothes. I even went back this past week to get one of the shirts in two more colors!

It was so sad saying goodbye. I hope to see everyone again soon!

Crista trying to hold Noah, Matthew, and Robert (left to right)

I thought she needed more kids

Crista, Rachel, and my kids!

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Michele S said...

That looks like you had sooooo much fun! Good for you! And you know that I "get it" about your friends. I really GET IT! (Greg doesn't get it either)