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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hi, my name is Cathy and I am a dealaholic!

I have always been an avid coupon user and that's putting it lightly. Ever since the boys were born, I haven't been as great about using coupons due to the time issues (or lack of.)However, I have never lost the ability to scope out great deals.

Rebates are the best. Yes, you have to pay upfront, but at least I will get the money back eventually. About 6-7 months ago, I got into a spending spree that is quite unlike me. I blame it all on my friend Laura. She started telling me about deals on clothes for the boys, we started making trips to Costco and Sam's together, etc. The worst part about it is that she would tell me about these great deals and then not even buy her boys the stuff she tells me to look at. What kind of friend is that? Makes me spend MY money and she doesn't even spend hers.

Right before the holidays, Buy.com started having GREAT sales. After using Google Checkout and rebates, I was getting tons of stuff for free or almost free. Yes, I bought stuff that I didn't necessarily need, but it was FREE and I will use it all eventually.

Old Navy started a HUGE sale this weekend. They were having a 50% off their clearance section. I was getting things for 75% off the regular price or MORE! For example, I got the boys a bunch of long sleeve t-shirts for $1.75. I bought Noe a bunch of cargo pants and dress slacks for $4.50-8.49 today. At these prices, I can't say no. My biggest pet peeve is when I have to pay regular prices for items I could have gotten on sale. Wouldn't you rather pay $7.50 for a really nice winter coat than $50 it was originally? Ok, so they won't be able to wear them for another 2-3 years, that's ok! I still saved $127.50 on them! I have sweatpants for $1.99 each, fleece zipper coats for under $3 each, etc.

Life is good!

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Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

I would be doing exactly what you are doing ... if only I had the room to store everything. I've got a few clothing items (hand me downs in great shape) that are stocked in our garage - - but I don't know where anything else that I purchased would go. GOOD for you finding those awesome deals ... I'm impressed!

Re: the locks - we HAVE the magnetic locks. The little stinkers got a hold of the magnet and while one held it above the magnet on the door, the other one pulled the drawer open. When I heard the rice spill - I ran in from the laundry room - and saw the third one holding the magnet while the other two were holding the empty boxes of rice. I can't believe they figured it out (or, hopefully - got so lucky this ONE time.) My fault for leaving the lock on a counter. Although, now that they push chairs to where they want to go and climb up to get whatever they want ... I should probably keep the magnet tucked inside my bra!!!