Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The boys were spared!

On Tuesday night I decided to completely hook up my DVD/VCR/hard drive. I bought it on Thanksgiving and have only recently started using the DVD player. Anyone that knows me should know that I hate reading instruction books. However, it was time to give in. I had some VHS tapes I needed to burn to DVDs.

My biggest problem is that fact that I can't keep 2 pairs of grubby hands off of my DVD player, XBox, and cable box. When I put the gate up around the TV, life was great, for a week. They have since figured out how to move the gate or completely knock it over!

Last week I found 4 DVDs stuck in the VCR slot. It's probably best that I forgot what came out of my mouth after that. Fast forward to Tuesday night. I put the kids to bed and broke out the instruction book. It took awhile to get everything just right, since I can't move the TV or anything else to see. There I sat, with a pig flashlight that needed to be turned back on every few minutes, trying to make sure everything was perfect! I popped in the DVD, formatted it, and then popped in the tape. YIKES! Why won't it go in all the way. I remove the tape, grab the pig, and shine it into the player. Hmmm....does that plastic hot dog bun REALLY belong in there? This is when it was beneficial to have those KIDS in bed. I think they would not have been able to sit for a week, I was that mad. After retrieving it, I placed the tape in there. It would not close properly, but I was able to at least get it copied. However, when I ejected the tape, it continued to make noise like it was stuck on something.

When Noe got home, he asked me if he needed to take Wednesday off of work. I was slightly confused and asked him why he would need to do that. He thought he might need to protect Robert and Noah from me! This is the very reason I had asked Noe if I could tie the gate together.

Wednesday morning, I called Noe. I teased him, asking if the boys were ready to deal with me yet. He always tells me that they don't bother it when he was home. Guess what Noe had just done? He just tied together the gate, with thick rope, because he couldn't keep the boys out of there! HA!

When I got home from school, I decided to take a long shot. I called Circuit City to see if they had a repair time frame where it wouldn't cost me an arm, leg, kid, etc. They told me all I had to do was to bring in the unit and they would replace it for me! I didn't even have to unplug all of the cords and pack them up!! The only downfall was that the boys would miss their snacks. Hmmm.... I think that is a good alternative to what I wanted to do to them.

I know have a properly working player/copier! I burned 7 DVDs last night. I can finally start recording Signing Times on Sunday mornings. So their little butts were spared, until next time.

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