Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tide, it's not just for laundry anymore!

Today was a well planned out day, so I thought. After school, Leigha and I were going to go home, give her a bath, have her finish her homework, and I would get the boys up and give them their snacks. My aunt was coming over at 5:30 p.m. to watch the boys while Leigha and I went to see Disney on Ice.

Things were going great! I got Leigha in the bath. The greatness stops here. I grabbed the gate from the laundry room (shutting that door for the time being) to put up at the bathroom door. I heard a crash in the laundry room, but assumed it was the broom falling. Never assume ANYTHING. I proceed to go get the boys from their room. I gave Matthew his reflux meds and started to walk back towards the kitchen. I just happened to glance at the laundry room and noticed a sea of blue light from under the door. I open the door to see the ENTIRE room flooded with Tide. I had a 300 oz container on my dryer. That was what fell! When it hit the floor the cap must have busted off. Seriously, I only saw a blue floor. I freaked immediately. I ran to grab every towel (that I had just washed) and started putting it at the door to keep it from getting on my carpet. I wish I could have grabbed the camera then! This is what it looked like about 45 minutes AFTER I started cleaning it up. So just imagine that entire floor was BLUE!

The boys were doing a great job at staying away; they actually listened to me! Then the phone rang. It was the Early Intervention lady who was taking over our case. This probably wasn't the right time to have our first conversation. I turned around for a split second, but that's all it took for Matthew to come rolling around the corner and INTO THE LAUNDRY ROOM!

I think I screamed "stop!" and then I think I just kind of yelled into the phone that I would call her back. I got to Matthew just as he was putting his hand to his mouth. Should I mention that his right side was COVERED with Tide?! I immediately ran him to the sink to rinse him off and get it off his face. Did you know that tide mixed with water just makes a ton of suds? I almost stuck the faucet down his throat (great for reflux!)

Robert and Noah had Fig Newtons for a snack and Matthew had Tide! YUMMY!


Lesa Rhoton said...

I can't even imagine! What a ton of work that must have been. I imagine you'll be finding remnants of Tide for months in hidden spaces. Not exactly how you want to clean your floors, I'm sure! You will definitely look back on this and laugh.

Lesa Rhoton said...

Here is where I found the cubbies:


Very very happy with them. Came fully assembled and they seem pretty indestructible.

Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

OH NO!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!

I choked when I saw this picture, I can only imagine what a friggin' disaster it must have been!!!

Although, I'll bet your floor has never been cleaner ... nor your house smelling SO good!!!