Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, January 05, 2007

Merry Christmas!!

Christmas was a lot of fun this year! Every year, Leigha seems "to get" it more. This is the first year that she has made a Christmas list for Santa (I'll get into that later.) This is also the first year that she understands that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus' birthday.

At this point in our lives, it is even more apparent that my daughter watches too much television. When I was pregnant with the boys, anything was fair game for Leigha. She could watch cartoons all night, as long as she stayed near me (I would be in and out of sleep on the couch- I NEVER NAPPED before them!) I know understand the complete evilness of commercials. I was so sick of seeing a commercial and then promptly hearing that Leigha wanted that for Christmas. I have had to hear her beg for Floam for a long time. Up until this year, I have always told her that she was too young for it. I finally made a compromise, I bought something similar at the teacher store. It's not as messy, but it also doesn't mold as well. I tried to explain to Leigha that commercials always make things sound better than they really are, that's advertising!

The second thing on her list was the "Poopy Doll." UGH! I explained to her that she better not call it the poopy doll, when she asks Santa for her. I had to drill into her head that she was called Baby Alive. The third thing she really wanted was an Easy Bake Oven. I can hardly blame her, I wanted one as a kid too.

Santa managed to bring her all three of her main wishes. Mom, on the other hand, has put small limitations on those gifts. We have yet to really feed Ella. She came with two packets of food and two diapers. Isn't it bad enough that I go through a case of diapers a week, now I have to buy diapers for a DOLL?! So for now, she pretends to feed her. I am not ready to attempt the food that you feed her and then watch her "poop" it out. She will tell you that she has a stinky diaper. I might as well have had quads.

Three days before Christmas, I hear Leigha's next wishlist item. She comes into the kitchen singing, "Ch...Ch..Ch...Chia!" Oh my, my kid is asking for a Chia Pet. I guess now they have one that is an alarm clock. I told her Santa had already packed up his sleigh, darn.

At first, the boys were more interested in the fact that they were in a "forbidden" room. They could have cared less about presents. Leigha just kept opening, as the others played with the television (go figure?) A little while later, we were finally able to get them interested in their presents. The boys each received one toy from us and then Santa brought them all a large kitchen playset. It was perfect! It's big enough for all three of them. Now, every night, I have to pick up about 200+ pieces of food all around the downstairs. Thanks, Santa!

Hmmm....do you see a future power struggle between Robert and Noah?

Matthew seemed to love his new drum!

Robert making himself at home!

Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Jerry joined us a little while later. They brought the boys matching camouflage pjs (too cute!) and Leigha got a bubble blower. Noe's brother, wife, and two daughters joined us for Christmas "dinner" around noon. Their daughter, Natasha, is a few months younger than our trio. The sad part is, we don't see them that often. We don't live that far from each other, just have different schedules. Hopefully we can start getting together more often!

Raquel and Natasha

April and Felix

All in all, it was great Christmas! The kids enjoyed themselves very much (as evident by my messy house.)

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