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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Old Friends

I have now been off the road, from Disney on Ice, for 9 years. It is very strange to say that. Sometimes it feels like I was just there. Every year that a show comes through Vegas, I think there can't be anyone left I know. Every year I am happy to say I am wrong.

One of my friends, Chantal, is now the Company Manager of the Incredibles show. Her husband, Richard, is still skating as a comedian. Chantal gave me two tickets so that I could bring Leigha to the show. I kept it a secret, just letting her know that we were having a girls night out!

Watching the show is always a bit difficult. It makes me miss touring and skating. I have been on the ice maybe one time in the last 4 years. That's just pathetic, since I used to skate everyday. I miss many aspects of touring; however, I love having the stability of a home, car, closet, etc.

After the show, Leigha and I were able to go backstage and meet Mickey and Minnie. Leigha was a bit shy, but she absolutely LOVED it! Here she is with the Incrediles' car.

After Leigha warmed a bit up, she started dancing with Minnie Mouse.

Mickey's turn! He gets a big hug from Leigha.

Good bye Mickey and Minnie! See you next year!

A great big thank you to Chantal, for giving us the opportunity to come and see the ice show. Leigha couldn't stop talking about what a great evening she had. We really appreciate it!

Leigha, Richard, and Chantal

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Jen3 @ Amazing Trips said...

How cool is that ... you skated professionally?!?!


When I was younger (about 30 or so), Dorothy Hamill was my IDOL. Her manager lived across the street from me in Massachusetts and he scored us all kinds of tickets to see the Ice Capades perform.

I thought for sure that when I grew up I was going to be a professional skater. I had the outfit, the haircut, and was really good skating in to the wall at high speeds when I wanted to stop.

I'm excited for when our kids are old enough to see Disney on Ice. My DH and I are already talking about it. The pictures you posted are great!