Leigha and the Triplets

Friday, January 26, 2007

Enjoy the freedom, while it lasts!

Last Sunday was a day of temporary freedom for the boys! Michele was hosting a 3rd birthday party for Amanda, Sarah, and Gregory. She was meant to have triplets, as she is the only friend of mine in Vegas who has a yard big enough to host everyone! There were 5 triplet families there. There should have been 6, but it's a rarity for everyone to be healthy at the same time.

My kids had a blast. I had told Leigha that they got a trampoline for Christmas. She never forgets ANYTHING that would benefit her. As soon as we got there, she wished the kids happy birthday and then tore off to the backyard. She loved the trampoline!

After the trampoline, Leigha ran straight for the sandbox (much to my dismay.) All I could think about what how dirty she would be! I am learning, but I am taking baby steps when it comes to this play rough and dirty.

Next came a pinata like I have never seen before. This monkey was 4 feet tall!? Leigha was beating the poor thing to death. She made a hole, but not enough to break the poor thing. Finally, someone else knocked it off the roof! Michele stepped in and let the kids have it at that point.

The boys immediately began their exploration skills. Noah took off walking in the grass and Robert was walking around in the rocks (like I couldn't have predicted that one!) I would have bet anyone on how long it would take for Robert to put a rock in his mouth. He didn't disappoint me.

I have to admit, I didn't let Matthew have as much fun as I am sure he would liked to have had. Something about a kid rolling in a sandbox didn't thrill me. He had enough fun in the Tide.

Robert and Noah even got to have freedom while eating. Michele was given a brand new carpet from another triplet mom. They weren't allowed to have a house built without a floor, so they put the cheapest carpet in they could, and then proceeded to rip it out. Michele and Greg just put the carpet on their carpet and didn't care that the kids were walking around with their pizza.

Michele is a big bully. She was trying to get me to feed Matthew everything. I obviously haven't explained his reaction to table food in enough detail! I will admit, he licked the watermelon, that was a first for him. I think she finally understood a bit better after she insisted on him getting a cupcake. First, I was amazed that Matthew didn't whip it to the floor in a blink of an eye. He can throw faster than anyone else. I was even more astonished to see that he put it to his mouth. Although, I think Michele now understands that he just can't tolerate it. He got a bunch of frosting in his mouth and started gagging. For those who don't know, the fact the he even put it to his mouth is HUGE!

Here are the birthday girls and boy! Happy 3rd Birthday Sarah, Gregory, and Amanda!

I hope the boys enjoyed it as much as I think they did, because freedom didn't last long!

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Michele S said...

Those pictures turned out GREAT! They can come over here anytime and enjoy the dirt!!! Now you know if I ever watched them for you, it would take three days to get them clean! Have you ever seen an inch of dirt in the bottom of the bathtub? I have!!!

I think Matthew was a trooper and I would bet if you gave him a cupcake every day, he'd get the hang of it! (Okay I was secretly freaked out when he gagged, OMG, why do I question you?)

Glad you guys came!!!