Leigha and the Triplets

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why don't I ever learn?

I repeatedly admit that I have a problem putting my foot in my mouth and sort of judging others. I am a complete idiot in this sense. It never stops. Lesa had the first triplet videos I have ever seen, and the best to this date. I watched and laughed (at the potential horror I faced) throughout all of them. Yet, I still caught myself saying how funny it was but I would never let my kids do that. I often wondered why there would be a video of kids doing things wrong. I really thought Lesa's The Monkeys video was hysterica, but I caught myself saying that I would never let my kids jump around on my couches. I never let Leigha jump on the couches. She was allowed to sit on them and lay on them, that's it! It would be the same for my boys.

Fast forward a year, when my kids were able to climb. This is another moment in my life where I will find that I am still eating my words. First, there was Robert. He was the only one that was able to climb on furniture, faces, body parts, etc. Everytime he learned how to climb on something new, he smiled like he had accomplished something wonderful. I didn't think he should be so proud.

Then came Noah. I never thought he would be able to get himself up on anything. It was almost pathetic watching him try to climb, as he would never lift his leg too far off the ground. He showed me! The other day I came around the corner to find him standing on our coffee table.

When Robert first learned how to climb up on our couch, he still was unable to climb over the couch. It took him weeks to master it. Noah, on the other hand, mastered climbing over instantaneously. I won't say it was pretty, but he succeeded.

So much for me not allowing my kids to climb all over my furniture. At least I don't have to worry about Matthew, FOR NOW!

As for taking pictures and videoing kids doing things they shouldn't be, I am all over that at any chance possible. It's hysterical (to me) that my first reaction is, "Where is my camera?" Then I have a hard time scolding them since I sat there condoning it long enough to take a picture. If I didn't think that my blue flood would have overtaken my house, I would have photographed that for posterity. Unfortunately, I decided to use my brain cells (that I have left) and save my carpet. I still would have been great to get a picture of the complete mess!

Lesa, if you are reading this, please accept my apologies for my (idiotic) thoughts I have had during your hysterical videos. I now realize that they have won. They will do whatever it is that triplets do, and I probably won't stop them. If anyone else wants to laugh hysterically, check out Lesa's website, Angus and the Triplets.


Michele S said...

Cathy- you are outnumbered now. That's why you were able to keep Leigha from climbing on the furniture. LOL! Wait until they want to play in DIRT and make you do it!!! I can't wait!!!

Michele S said...
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Lesa Rhoton said...

No problem, Cathy! I probably won't have any more material for any new misbehaving kid videos. I'm glad I got them when my kids were still not truly aware that I was catching them on film. Now, however, if I tried to snap a picture, they'd just play it up for the camera. So, sadly, those days are gone.

I know a few families with triplets who are calm, thoughtful children who don't have an excess of energy. I don't have those! So, I decided early on to choose my battles - climbing on the couch is okay, climbing on the bookshelves is not. (But, I have caught them doing it.)

All of my kids did the kinds of things that my trio are doing, but not multiplied x 3. And they've all grown up to be pretty amazing people. So, I don't sweat it.

My little ones have outgrown the monkey-on-the-couch routine, sad to say. Now, when I see them on the couch sitting so nicely, I miss my babies. I'm glad I enjoyed the madness while it lasted. Snap as many pictures of them as you can. You won't regret it!

Triplets are a trip!