Leigha and the Triplets

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A boy's dream

What boy wouldn't love the potential our garage has. The boys are trying their hardest to get out there. Sometimes I will hear them opening the door, which is heavier than the others, in an attempt to escape. Noe has a carpet on the ground, punching bag hanging from the ceiling, "Bob" (dummy), and some weights. Oh wait, they might love the mirror too! In addition, we have a treadmill and a stepper out there (I should look great, shouldn't I?...that's another post.) The other day I was bringing them in from the van, and we took the short cut through the garage. Their eyes were just open as wide as can be. When I went back to unload the car, they were trying to follow me. The three worked together. Robert opens the door, Noah starts to pull it back, and Matthew gets in there with his feet.

Matthew scares me to death. When we were at Michelle's, for her trio's birthday party, he rolled right down one step to change rooms. It was carpeted, I was proud of him. However, I don't think rolling down a step, onto a cement floor, would feel as nice!

When it gets a bit warmer, and we can figure out how to baby proof the place, the boys will get to hang out there with their dad! He is dying to teach them how to punch the bag and Bob. Bib by bit, they are getting more freedom (and I am becoming more gray!)

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